Whether a person knows anything about EFT or not, it is possible that just reading this article and thinking about each question, can bring a certain amount of relief. Sometimes just observing the discomfort is enough to help you feel better.
I have studied Gary Craig’s videos for hundreds of hours and am still amazed at the simplicity of his brilliant successes. Something I have noticed, but is not often mentioned is the constant succession of trans-derivational searches that Gary encourages. He is having the person do these inner searches all the time.
Trans-derivational Search (TDS) Definition: 'the process of searching back through one's stored memories and mental representations to find the reference experience from which a current behavior or response was derived' (Dilts, 1990).
"These 'Gary Craig Questions' lead to trans-derivational searches:
What is the intensity on a scale of 1 to 10? (Every time he asks about intensity, that's another search.)
How is the pain now?
Gary repeats the description, using many of the same words, and asks if that is correct.
He gives a choice of emotions for the person to choose.
He says that he wants to be accurate in describing the emotional discomfort, and confirms that he is accurate.
Gary often touches or points to the parts of the body that is described.
Movie technique....
How long would the movie be?
Give it a title.
Imagine sitting in a movie theater and watching it.
If you had to tell the story, what do you think your intensity would be?
Imagine it brighter, in other colors, sizes, etc.
Try to get your emotion up.
He says something, and then asks, “Is that accurate?”
He repeats the exact words the person used, many times. (Causes a TDS each time.)
He tests for a reaction many times. (Try it again. Is it different now?)
He pauses and hesitates often,
He shows that he is thinking about the next thing to try.
He offers the client the option of what to work on next.
We can work on whichever memory you choose.
Which foot should we concentrate on?
He is constantly asking about the changes in emotional and physical pain,
He asks for a description and for amount of intensity on a 1-10 scale after most rounds of tapping.

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