I've recommended people track their expenses in hundreds of seminars and coaching sessions and I can tell you that I have NEVER met a person who overestimated what they were spending. But I have met plenty of people who overestimate or never really know what they are making, a dangerous oversight since this will give you the attitude, "Of course I can afford that" or "I want that so I should have it."

You know, there are only three concrete ways I know of to have more money: 1) make more; 2) save more; and 3) spend less.

Not very glamorous is it? You could add a few more options for Bonnie and Clyde or the handful of rich, blue-haired heiresses out there, but for most of us there are only three choices.

Make more, save more, spend less. Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Your basic Neapolitan medley.

Simple as that. No need to get fancy.

Debt is not glamorous. Getting out of debt is not glamorous. But what you can do AFTER you get out of debt can be downright fabulous!

Take a second now and just imagine. Imagine that you have no debt—Your car is paid for, your bills are paid on time or early, your house is paid for, and you've got a nice bit of money stocked away for emergencies, retirement, your children's education, and any other big expenditures you foresee. Hey, you've even got a bank account for travel and other luxuries like that spa weekend in the Rockies.

If you had no financial constraints, what would you be doing with your time? I'm sure you'd spend more time with family and friends and pursue the hobbies and interests you love, but after a while, even that would get old.

What I'm getting at is you've got to have a mission and it's got to be bigger than your bank account. What I'm getting at is that your mission is not about making money though that may certainly contribute to your ability to make your mission come true. What I'm getting at is that YOU are here for a reason and it's time to stop waffling about in a state of confusion and/or ignorance and figure out what it is!

Where do your passions and your expertise intersect? That's the place to start. And when you're feeling irritated that you have to eat Neapolitan ice cream from the discount supermarket rather than a delicious gelato you order on your weekend trip to Rome, just remember, the Neapolitan is the gateway to your gelato!

Now visualize yourself enjoying your "gelato," whatever it is that YOU value most. What does it feel like? What does it taste like? What does it smell like? What does it look like? What do YOU look like as you live life according to what you most value?

Make more, save more, spend less. That's got to be your mantra. You may have to go through gallons of Neapolitan but eventually you will hit gelato GOLD!

Get in the habit of seeing yourself having what it is you want and I guarantee this practice will have a magical effect on your life—and your health—right now. You'll be living your life with purpose and prospering—all with no adverse effects on your waistline whatsoever. Delicious, isn't it??

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