Are you considering the idea of installing a paywall plugin for your website for greater content control and revenue surge? There are three broad options you can explore. These options are considered broad because website administrators provide innovative features different from one another. Two individual admins operating separate sites can have a metered paywall service but with subtle but yet striking differences.

Installing Paywall services is a serious Affair

Installing paywall services is a very serious affair that should not be taken lightly. Why so? Your website makes money from site traffic. As more visitors visit your site to view your contents, you make money off their visits either through advertising, merchandizing or charging viewers to use your contents. If you were to charge viewers for contents that could be gotten elsewhere, they are most likely not going to return to your website talk less of paying you any money. Before you can even begin to entertain the idea of charging a subscriber’s fee for your contents, you must have dished out quality contents to a large number of viewers who visit your site consistently. If you don’t have consistent followership, your paywall adventure may end as soon as you begin. Now, what are the options available to those who wish to install a plugin on their website?


A freemium service also called a soft paywall is a service that opens access to viewers for a period of time. The grace period is given to enable visitors enjoy the contents for a while to get a feel of it. After the grace period, access is restricted and only given to visitors who have paid for content viewership. Freemium services are great for advertising your contents to new visitors. If you charge a fee outrightly, it may discourage new visitors from subscribing for the service.

Metered Paywall

Metered paywalls have variations and they are used at the discretion of the content or website owner. This option opens access to specific contents and pages an limits access to others. With a metered paywall, you can provide some contents for free while charging a fee for others. This option is a silent persuader for viewers who have not yet subscribed for more viewing. As they see some of your content, they may become interested in paying to see the rest.

Hard Paywalls

Hard paywall services open access to only subscribers on the platform. They are mainly used by large and established website who provide contents and data that users find valuable. Their offerings are unique and authentic and cannot easily be found anywhere else.

Using best paywall services is a very strategic business decision that can make or mar your website. Just make sure you take in all the necessary details and do your research before using one.

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