Our hectic lives today are filled with chores, errands, reminders and to-do lists, all meant to bring us the peace and contentment we continually seek. So, why do peace and contentment remain elusive and how can we get there? The answer lies in the most unexpected of places, a sacred place where few would think to look.

There is no end to the desires of the mind and to the troubles to which they lead. Let us assume for instance that we wanted to buy something expensive. We either have to work harder to get it, thus taking away from our leisure and free time, or we may have to give something else up to attain it. We may have to sell our favorite old car to buy a new, fancier one. We may have to deny ourselves something else we may need, to fulfill another desire. A desire may not necessarily be limited to an object; we may crave power over others. That too is a treacherous road. We would have to step over many people, perhaps even lie, deceive, and manipulate others to get what we want. Those around us may become wary of us, and in response might either avoid us, defame us, or attack us. There is no end to the troubles a person might face when they try to gain control over everyone and everything. If we were to track where a desire may lead us, we’d be astonished at the revelation. Simply put, desires, big or small, cause a disturbance in our sea of tranquility.

What Is It That We Really Want?
Once we start out on the road of desire, we may wonder why we ever left our safe haven of peace and contentment to have to bear all the trials and tribulations before us. In the end, we start craving the peace and contentment we had before desire led us astray. The world starts to feel like a rat race where we are constantly running on a treadmill going nowhere fast.

All We Want is Within Reach
Few realize that contentment and peace are ours for the taking; that they are already within us. If we can be still and tap within, we will find riches far greater than any available on earth. We do not need to exert to find them. We can go about our daily life, earning our honest livelihood, providing for our families, and making enough to share with others, and still enjoy peace and contentment within ourselves. We need not sacrifice inner peace in the pursuit of outer riches which may or may not come, or which may or may not provide the happiness we think they will.

If we want peace and contentment, let us resist giving in to all the desires of our mind, and instead let us honor the contentment that is ours in the depths of our soul. Let us find time each day to stop and refresh ourselves in the fountain of divine treasures within by spending time in meditation. In this way, we can quench our thirst with the love of God that will fill us with love and peace as we go about our daily life. We will reach our worldly goals with peace and calm, and we will be overflowing with the inner bliss that makes our life beautiful. As we meditate, let us bar the door from never-ending desires knocking to get in. Instead, let us sit in the sanctuary of our soul in a state of peace and contentment, safe from the troubles that desires bring.

Author's Bio: 

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, head of Science of Spirituality, travels the world teaching people how they can experience a connection with their inner divinity.