Peace is such a wonderful word. It brings about change, a change in mindset, a change in behavior and a real humbling sensation within. When you say peace, it means drop all the weapons both physically and verbally. Peace makes you go deep within yourself and you realize, I don’t want all this anymore. No more fighting, no more verbal attacking. It means that you want change because all the fighting hasn’t done anyone any good. Peace will affect you if you are in a war or a war on the streets or a war with your neighbor. Peace means dropping that weapon, that grudge, and extending your arm to greet someone; that someone that you never had a chance to know before.

To have outer peace you have to find inner peace first. You have to sit down and realize the circle that your exterior self has brought you. You have to melt away the grudge and the hatred that had been killing your soul. An eye for an eye doesn’t work anymore. You are not the one that holds the other person accountable. There is one above you that make that decision. By you doing the evil that someone else does, puts you in the same category as them. Me personally, I would pray for them, for they do not know.

It takes a stronger man to see things and walk away rather than take everything in their own hands because you probably just destroyed your own life. And that is a shame, because you probably haven’t had a chance to live it yet.

Here is a test for you, you can try two things. First, walk up to someone and shake their hand and introduce yourself to them. What is their reaction? Where they shocked? Where they afraid of you? Did they smile and introduce themselves back to you? This tells you how you have led your life and how you need to change it. What is your reputation? Are you happy about it? If people fear you then you should fear God.
Second, go to church, not with anyone else, just by yourself. You see when you go it’s just you and him. So go ahead and say anything you like to him, he’ll listen. And during the rough parts you’ll be able to feel him near as he sees all. He’s waiting to see which path you take in life, for he has plans for you but he cannot make your decisions for you. Those are for you to make, but just know one thing; he’ll never leave your side.

Whether you know it or not, people look up to you and you have to set a good example for them. Show them what you are truly made of. Peace brings unity to others that are struggling. So, put the weapons down, talk only with respect to one another, everyone deserves that. How can I help you today? That’s a powerful question. It doesn’t mean that you have to have money; it means can I carry your groceries in for you or how can I lighten your load. That’s it. And with that one little deed you have just united with someone you’ve put a big smile on their face and warmed their heart.

It doesn’t matter where you are; either close or far. Shake the hand of your enemy, and appreciate who they are so you don’t spend this one lifetime that you have dwelling in hatred. Show your children, and your grandchildren, your neighbors, etc. that it doesn’t have to be like that. Unity is better than war.

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