Peace of mind often feels like a pipe dream that other people get to experience. But that doesn’t have to be YOUR reality! It is possible to experience it on a regular basis. You’re probably asking, “How?” about this time, aren’t you?

Peace of mind will never be a reality if you don’t seriously commit to a regular practice of self-care. I know, I know – “Who has time for that!!??” But hold on there – I want to challenge that thinking just a little. Who DOESN’T have time for that!?

How much time do you waste worrying about the same things day in and day out? How much time to you waste fretting about making everything perfect? How much time do you waste on things you don’t want to do, while your kids are sitting waiting for some quality time with you?

C’mon, we both know those things happen.

If you want to experience a true sense of peace of mind… the kind where you’re able to be fully present in the moment, enjoy what’s going on around, not feel revved up all day long, and able to really pay attention to the “little things” that are truly important – then self-care needs to become your friend, NOT your enemy.

We’re all busy, right? Time is one of the biggest obstacles that my clients struggle with. So let’s make this simple, shall we? I want you to close your eyes in just a few minutes. Once you close your eyes I want you to imagine the most beautiful or relaxing place you’ve ever been to. See it clearly in your mind’s eye. Now start incorporating your other senses.

What do you feel? Is there warmth, cold, a breeze, sand under your feet?
What do you hear? People talking, laughing, animals, waves, water running?
What do you smell? Yummy food, a bonfire, sea salt, flowers?

You decide how long to do it for. The key is to immerse yourself in that place, if only for a little while. It’s a little, natural escape. There’s no right or wrong length of time. Once you open your eyes, pay close attention to how your body feels now.

Do you feel more relaxed? Is your heart beating a little slower? Is your breathing a little steadier?

Our thoughts are powerful! We can use them to add peace of mind and build ourselves up. Or we can use them to make ourselves miserable by constantly berating what we “should” or “shouldn’t” do. It’s your choice. But make no mistake… it IS a choice.

You’ve got an important one to make right now. Are you going to just move on in a rush, or are you actually going to do this little exercise? My hope is that you’ll go on and close ‘em for just a few and enjoy your little trip into nature.

Be sure to share below what your “happy place” looks like and how going there allowed you to experience more peace of mind.

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