Why are so many people resistant to the M word? We know it's good for us and, it only takes 10 minutes a day. So why aren’t you doing it? If you’re a self-proclaimed type-A-functional-ADD person like me, your answer to that question is probably “Uhh,” and on to the next thing you go. Meditation is an act of doing something but nothing, which is harder than it seems. You sit, breathe and try to release thoughts from your mind and your whole body benefits as stress melts away. Funny, my friend Jay Robb and I were chatting about this impossibly simple technique & he asked if I was doing it. To keep my image I replied, “Sure, sorta when I wake up, you know, still in bed before I actually move…does that count?” His up-coming book is actually about this highly evolved technique, “Beditation.” Clever, that one.

Now, there are occasions that I’ll go sit in the corner, cross my legs, close my eyes and count my breath, but if it’s more than once a year or more than 5 minutes that year, someone call the paramedics. I don’t have a decked-out altar or fancy cushion and I really can’t get comfortable even after years of yoga. But mostly, I just forget and get side-tracked with life.

That was yesterday. Today, I’m onto a program that is actually practical for my lifestyle, my ADD & my type-A personality. It helps me meditate away from the bed, in a chair, right at my desk. It’s called Healing Rhythms (from www.WildDivine.com)and it’s the most genius thing I’ve yet to come across. With biofeedback sensors that connect my fingers to the computer, I see what’s going on (this settles my type-A-ness). There’s lovely graphics to watch & music playing while Deepak and Andrew talk me through proper breathing techniques. The biofeedback chart is amazing to track and there are even practice games (all of which satisfies my ADD). All the while, I’m deepening my breath, relaxing away tension, letting go of negative thoughts and well, meditating. It makes you WANT to meditate, to go to the next level and watch your progress. And you don’t have to go anywhere but here. Love it.

I encourage you to find peace. Stop, be quiet and still. There are many options to support you: books, DVD’s, classes and now, the Healing Rhythms program. Dive deep within and find your inner resource that is pure and divine, calm and easy that will recharge your batteries naturally and enjoyably. There’s peace in there, I promise. If I can find it, you can too.

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