An ophthalmologist who particularly treats children and performs surgery and diagnosis to child patients is known as a pediatric ophthalmologist. They can treat a number of eye conditions that are common in children as well as perform intensive treatments for serious vision conditions.

In case your child has a serious eye disorder such as red-eye, infection, or other disorder that needs immediate treatment, you need to consult a pediatric ophthalmologist.

Who Is A Pediatric Eye Specialist?

An eye specialist who is qualified to treat child patients is a pediatric ophthalmologist. He or she completes four years of medical school with a one-year surgical internship and residency program in ophthalmology for a minimum of three years. Then he or she takes the fellowship to treat child eye patients.

There is a basic difference between optometrist and ophthalmologist. An optometrist cannot perform surgical treatments but an ophthalmologist can do so. So a pediatric ophthalmologist should be your choice if your child needs a surgical treatment instead of a basic eye checkup.

You can find professional and best pediatric ophthalmologists in India in various well-known cities. Most of the doctors have their private clinics or provide services at major eye hospitals.

Why Consult With A Pediatric Ophthalmologist?

The first and foremost important reason to take your child to a pediatric ophthalmologist is that they have special training to treat child patients. They will better understand the problem, behavior of the child and the certain issues that occur in children. There are certain eye conditions that occur mostly in children and require a pediatric eye specialist.

Apart from running tests, recommending medications and proper care, a pediatric eye doctor will be able to perform various eye treatments with different techniques.

What Are The Conditions Pediatric Ophthalmologists Treat?

There is a vast scope of practice in pediatric ophthalmology. The doctor can provide eye diagnosis, treatments for injuries, vision correction, a prescription for corrective lenses, surgeries and others. The common eye disorders treated by a pediatric ophthalmologist are:

Blurry vision- This is a common issue that may occur from certain diseases. It is known as amblyopia.

Astigmatism- In this condition, one of the eye curvatures is different than the other one that causes vision distortion.

Crossed eye- In this condition the eyes appear to look at the nose.

Exotropia- The eye may appear turning outward in some children and is now as the walled eye.

Hyperopia- This condition the child to have blurry vision and causes farsightedness.

Nystagmus- This is the condition in which one eye has a rapid involuntary movement.

Cataracts- Some children may develop cataracts from an early age and some are even born with it. In such cases, the cataract is removed surgically.

Conjunctivitis- This is a common eye infection that may occur for a virus or infection. This is known as the pink eye.

If your child shows some symptoms related to eye, you need to talk to the best pediatric eye doctor. With proper diagnosis and treatments, any ailment or disorder can be successfully cured.

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