Why should anyone pick up the career of pediatrician? Multiple reasons could contribute to such a decision by any career aspirant. They are highly qualified doctors that have undertaken postgraduate training and courses to specialize in the diagnosing and treatment of diseases of children.

Career Overview

Career of the pediatrician is challenging but at the same time stimulating and rewarding as well. Cambridge encyclopedia highlights some of its features.

The job concerns the health as well as treatment of the children from birth till adolescence.
Pediatrician does not focus on just the physical health of the children but also on the emotional and social aspects.
Services rendered could range from treatment of a child suffering from cancer to management of all the support services for a disabled child.
Focus of the job is on entire family instead of the patient child alone with the objective of providing the child with a normal life.
Healthcare tasks accomplished by the pediatrician could range from diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute diseases to medication and counseling of the family.
Pediatric Career Types

Pediatric career can be broadly classified into two categories; generalist or specialist.

General pediatrics will treat most of the children that require treatment for acute illness.
While generalists can also care for special needs of the child patients but usually this is the task accomplished by the specialist pediatrician.
Both generalist and specialist pediatricians can work in hospitals or outside it in clinics or educational institutions.
Specialists will usually focus on the specific clinical areas and are mostly involved with preventive health care.
Methodologies Used by Pediatrician

Methodologies used by the Pediatricians are as follows.

They will meet not only the child patients but also their parents to gather all the information on health issues.
Tests for diagnosis are carried out by them and analyze data and also consult with all other physicians.
Once the diagnosis part is over, the pediatrician will discuss the possible treatment with the patients and families and thereafter will make recommendations based on the findings. Their task is not over with the treatment in place but they will also monitor the progress of health of the patients.

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