Pelvic inflammation is not unfamiliar to women. It is a common gynecological disease among women. In recent years, the incidence of pelvic inflammation has increased year by year, which causes many women to be very afraid. What are the symptoms of pelvic inflammation?

Some patients can also get increased vaginal secretions, menstrual drips, menstrual bleeding, dysmenorrhea etc.

If the course of the illness is prolonged for days on end, some women may also suffer from mental depression, general discomfort, insomnia along with other symptoms of neurasthenia.

Is pelvic effusion a chronic pelvic inflammatory disease?

No This is because the pelvic cavity is within the lowest section of the abdominal cavity in anatomy.

When the pelvic and abdominal organs use a small amount of exudate, leakage or rupture and bleeding, the fluid will first accumulate inside the pelvic cavity, thus forming pelvic effusion.

For example, a little countercurrent to the pelvic cavity during menstruation can cause pelvic effusion.

During mid-menstrual ovulation, follicular fluid accumulation inside the pelvic cavity can also bring about pelvic effusion; constipation patients, as a result of abnormal intestinal peristalsis, can cause a little intestinal fluid exudation bringing about pelvic effusion. Therefore, the use of pelvic effusion does not necessarily mean chronic pelvic inflammation.

In case of sexual transmitted infections, your sexual partners should be treated concurrently in order to avoid further infection.

In treating pelvic inflammatory disease, surgery treatment methods are rare to complete. However, in the case of tube-ovarian abscesses, it can be needed.

Surgery might cause huge harm to female reproductive organs, so a lot of people wonder that's there any natural fix for PID?

Compared with antibiotics, TCM drugs are natural remedy and can balance yin and yang, yin and yang will be the opposite conception and views things in terms of its whole. Usually, Yang has more energetic qualities for example moving, heat. In the TCM's view, the check of yin and yang may help you keep healthy.

For example, Fuyan Pill is manufactured by herbs, it causes zero unwanted effects in case you stick to the direction strictly. Antibiotics can treat PID by killing bacteria and fuyan pill also can kill chlamydia, gonorrhea and so forth.

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