pelvic inflammatory disease(PID) is one of the gynecological inflammations with high rate, affecting the fertility of women. Meanwhile, women with blocked fallopian tubes are also at high risk of getting infertility.

In fact, blocked fallopian tubes can be caused by pelvic inflammatory disease.

Experts say that pelvic inflammatory disease in women can be triggered by vulvitis, which is an common infection related to the vagina, or by inflammation of surrounding organs or the spread of infection in other areas in the body. When having menstruation, abortion and childbirth, or through the genital tract with some unhealed surgical wounds, bacteria can invade into the pelvic cavity, thus causing varying degrees of inflammations.

The experts also point out that pelvic inflammatory disease can be classified into two types, acute one and chronic one. The variation of acute pelvic inflammatory disease may lead to diffuse peritonitis, and in some severe situations, it will become life-threatening. If the patient don’t get cured completely in the acute period, it is more likely to develop into chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, which is more complex and intractable.

Affected individuals with continuous pelvic inflammatory disease have long lasting pelvic pain, agonizing sexual activities and some other discomforts. Physiologically, if the fallopian tubes are obstructed due to the pelvic inflammatory disease, the egg and the semen cannot meet in the tube, thus leading to infertility in women.

In general, sufferers with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease will often have salpingitis, making it easily cause adhesion inside the fallopian tubes, and then leading to blocked fallopian tubes. Severe pelvic inflammatory disease can do a huge harm to the female organs, such as uterus, cervix, ovary and others.

As well know, lack of ability to conceive will affect the sexual harmony of the husband and wife. When having pelvic inflammatory disease, the female patient must receive treatment in time. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can do a nice job on treating pelvic inflammatory disease with its incredible effect on killing bacteria and viruses.

To better get rid or pelvic inflammatory disease, female friends should also take note of individual hygiene and make a healthy diet plan. If you have a requirement of having a child, you need to do a regular check-up to make sure that your uterus as well as the fallopian tubes are in good condition.

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