MOT is a mandatory and legal test for all vehicles in the United Kingdom that are more than three years old. Driving a vehicle (except for the exempted vehicles) without a valid MOT certificate is a crime and a person can be fined and sent behind bars for not having the certificate. MOT certificate is proof that your vehicle is safe for driving on roads of the United Kingdom. It is important to get the MOT test conducted by an authorised centre, and therefore you can find government-certified Clutch Repair Cannock at multiple locations.

Understanding the importance of MOT certificate vehicle owners in the United Kingdom get this test conducted before its expiry date. However, unfortunately, sometimes they forget to get their vehicle tested on time or lose the certificate of their vehicle lost or misplaced. In such a case, if they are found driving the vehicle without a certificate, then according to the law they are eligible for the necessary punishment and penalty. Keeping this problem of vehicle owners in concern this article highlights the preventive measures which they can follow to avoid any problem.

Penalty For Driving With an MOT: If you are found driving without a valid MOT certificate, then you may be fined according to the rules and regulations determined by the law. Moving ahead, if it is found that your vehicle was at risk of breakdown during its last MOT, then you may also get some penalty points on your driving licence.

What Is The Cost Of Fine, If Found Driving With An Expired Or Invalid MOT Certificate? If you are caught driving with an expired or invalid MOT certificate, then you may be fined up to £ 1,000. In some cases, it can be £100 for a fixed time. Remember, you may also be fined if your vehicle is found dangerous for driving during the latest test. In that case, the cost of the fine can go up to £ 2,500. Along with this, you will also be fined with three penalty points on your licence. Moving ahead, if you are found the culprit for the same reason twice in three years, then you may be banned from driving for six months.

What Is The Duration For Paying The MOT Fine? The limit to pay the MOT penalty is 28 days, if a person doesn’t pay the amount of penalty within this period, then the penalty can be increased to 50% of the actual penalty. The payment of the penalty can be made directly from the official website of the MOT conducting agency.
To pay the fine, there is a set of information that is required to be filled in while making the payment. This includes details like the notice number, offence code and its date, followed by the personal payment like payment by cash or cheque. However, as the payment is made through the government website, the chances of paying the fine in cash are almost zero. You may be arrested or fined with more penalties if you ignore or don’t pay it on time.

Will You Be Stopped By The Police For Driving Without An MOT? The centres authorized for conducting MOT tests are also required to update the information about your vehicle including its status - major, minor and dangerous along with the due date of your next MOT on DVAS’s database. The police officials can check the status of your vehicle by simply putting the number on your registration plate on their systems.
Does The Government Offer A Grace Period On MOT Fines? There is no grace period to protect vehicle owners from the penalty of driving the vehicle without a valid MOT certificate. The MOT certificate is valid till the midnight of its expiry date, after that driving the vehicle on the road even for a minute after midnight is illegal.

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Driving a vehicle which is three years old without a valid MOT certificate is illegal and anyone caught driving such a vehicle is eligible for the punishment determined by the government.