What is a Pendulum?

A Pendulum is a physical device for communicating with our subconscious, based on a simple 'YES' or 'NO' signal. The first time I was introduced to a pendulum was during 1981, at 45 years of age. Initially I was terrified, to say the least, as the pendulum circled ...What is a Pendulum?

A Pendulum is a physical device for communicating with our subconscious, based on a simple 'YES' or 'NO' signal. The first time I was introduced to a pendulum was during 1981, at 45 years of age. Initially I was terrified, to say the least, as the pendulum circled Clockwise or Anti-clockwise for a YES or NO response to my questions.

However, I soon settled down and was excited with the thought of being able to research about my long standing interest in Social Development and trying to learn the secrets of life.
One of the first things I was to learn is that our conscious mind, is our Awareness and our subconscious mind is our built in Adviser. Within a short time I was receiving positive physical proof that left me in no doubt that their exists another Dimension of understanding, located within 'Inner Space' where we originate, millions of years ago.

Where is INNER SPACE? - Inner Space is in the realm of atoms and their sub particles.

Research via my Adviser (subconscious mind) and a pendulum, revealed over a three year period, who we are, what we are, why we are here and how we relate to the Dimension located within 'Inner Space'. As I worked with a pendulum I was learning logical things that could have only come from an intelligence that was beyond the education of my Adviser (subconscious mind) because researched had revealed that both our Awareness (conscious mind) and Adviser (subconscious mind) have identical memories and education.

However, our Awareness (conscious mind) makes decisions based on emotions but our Adviser (subconscious mind) is not handicapped by emotions because our emotions belong to our body. The way we think and react to each other, is based on the emotions our bodies are born with. We as (conscious and subconscious minds) have no control of how we develop Our Awareness (conscious mind) has to compliment our body’s emotions, as we communicate with other people.

By the time, we are fourteen years of age our attitude is established. If we happen to have developed an Anti-Social attitude, it can only be controlled by various levels of punishment, starting with small corrective measures, followed by prison sentences and if necessary graduating to longer and longer prison sentences.

During my initial three years of research, I discovered that the universe was the result of an explosion that represents the creation of life and controlled by the Dimension, located within 'Inner Space'.

Scientist - Albert Einstein - said, " The Universe Could Be Repeating Itself ". According to my Adviser (subconscious mind) Albert Einstein was right, the universe does indeed repeat itself. This means, the universe is a 'Perpetual Motion Machine'.

For those that do not know the definition of a 'Perpetual Motion Machine', here it is:

A 'Perpetual Motion Machine' is a machine that having been started will run forever. Therefore, fuel that keeps the universe in Perpetual Motion is 'Hydrogen Atoms'. Hydrogen produces Stars, Planets and life as we know it.

Sometime in the distant past, an explosion took place, followed by the production of Stars, Planets and life. In time, this universe will begin to shrink and all the stars and planets will be consumed by 'Black Holes', yet again to be compressed and converted back to hydrogen, which in turn will create another 'BIG BANG' then once again producing a new crop of Stars, Planets and life. This means, the universe will continue to recycle in the future.

The mystery of the Universe is open to discussion by anyone because even scientists cannot agree when trying to understand its secrets. I am not a space scientist but do have an interest in the universe and according to my Adviser (subconscious mind) the universe is a 'Perpetual Motion Machine' created by life forms located within 'Inner Space'.

As the universe expands, new stars and planets are created. This means 'Perpetual Motion' continues to develop nature. Millions of years ago Dinosaurs lived on this world and even today they live on other world like planets in our expanding universe. There is in the galaxies of the universe over 1,000 populated worlds just like ours and man is 'Indigenous' to them all.

Our universe is within its very first cycle. This mean, as a 'Perpetual Motion Machine' it will continue to repeat itself (cycle) every 'Seventeen Billion' years. There are only six universes (Perpetual Motion Machines) in the vastness of space and we as people achieve ever lasting life because when our body dies, our Awareness (conscious mind) will transfer to the Dimension of 'Inner Space'. Our conscious and subconscious minds are not 'souls or spirits' having a human experience, we are 'THOUGHTS' from the 'Inner Surface' (Inner Space)' having a human experience.

What is a 'THOUGHT'? - A 'Thought' is a lifeforms (computer) that belongs to 'Inner Space'. Our conscious and subconscious minds are also 'Thoughts' (computers). 'THOUGHTS' and the BODIES we occupy, are Almighty Gods children, including all animals.
This world has two surfaces, an 'Inner' and 'Outer Surface' both surfaces occupy the same space. The 'Out Surface' is created from 'Matter' and the 'Inner surface' (Inner Space) created from 'Anti-Matter'. We as conscious and subconscious minds (Thoughts), occupy the 'Outer Surface' and 'Thoughts'' also occupy the 'Inner Surface' (Inner Space).

When our body dies, we as an Awareness (conscious mind) transfer to the 'Inner surface' (Inner Space) with our memory intact. Our Adviser (subconscious mind), returns to the ocean and becomes the Awareness (conscious mind) of an unborn sea creature, with memory erased.

Millions of years ago, when this world was ready to support life through nature, 'Thoughts' began taking position as the Awareness (conscious mind) of creatures that began to appear in the oceans of the world and reincarnated throughout nature, as Evolution progressed.

The Awareness we have is our conscious mind. The body we have is the vehicle we travel in. Over millions of years, there has been a steady flow of 'Thoughts' from the 'Inner surface' (Inner Space), taking up their positions as the Awareness (conscious mind) of animals, regardless of size.

Fifty thousand years ago, human unborn babies began receiving two 'Thoughts', which was their Awareness (conscious mind) and their Adviser (subconscious mind). That's why we differ from all other animals, we have an Adviser (subconscious mind) animals DO NOT.

As the world’s population expands the flow of 'Thoughts' (computers) continue to arrive from the 'Inner Surface''(Inner Space) and transferring to an unborn babies. The present world population of six billion will increase to eighteen billion in years to come.

Millions of years ago, prior to the Atom being split, December 2nd - 1942 - The Awareness (conscious mind) of person that died, reincarnated and transferred to an unborn baby, with most of their memory removed.

This means, human babies should not be aborted after 18 weeks into a pregnancy because by then the baby has received his/her Awareness (conscious mind) and is considered to be a member of society.

After the atom was split, December 2nd 1942, which represented the ultimate power man was to develop. The Awareness (conscious mind) of most people that died after December 1942, transfered to the Dimension of 'Thoughts'. located in 'Inner Space' (Inner Surface).

The Awareness of people that transfer to the Dimension of 'Thoughts' within 'Inner Space' have to qualify. The Awareness (conscious mind) of people that 'Murder and Rape', reincarnate and become the Awareness (conscious mind) of an unborn baby, with most of their memory removed, then perhaps qualify and transfer to the Dimension of 'Thoughts' within the 'Inner Surface' (Inner Space) in their next life.

Achieving 60%-40% Qualification

Worldwide development, is controlled by two powers. The first is Social Power and the second is 'Anti-social Power'. People that are considered law-abiding citizens, represent 60% of the world’s socially minded population, the remaining 40% represents the anti-social/corrupt element that are amongst us.

If you consider yourself an average law-abiding citizen, you are considered a 60 - 40 - If you are considered 50-50, you are in prison or heading that way. If you are considered 80-20 you would be someone as caring and compassionate as the late 'Mother Teresa of India' and 'Diana Princess of Wales'.

Percentages mean, we are all part of worldwide social development that continuously tries to maintain a 60% - 40% balance. If that balance alters towards the anti-social value, it mean corruption is gaining strength, therefore we must contribute to our social system by being considerate to others so they too contribute to the our social system and help maintain the 60 40 ratio.

Anti - social behavior is under control, providing we recognize how we can contribute to worldwide problems and ensure the 60 - 40 balances is maintained. We are now in the twenty-first century and many changes will take place that will improve the lifestyle of many poorer countries. This world is developing toward peace and full democracy and within the next two hundred years, poverty and wars worldwide, will be a thing of the past.

People that commit crime, can over the years re-gain their 60 - 40 qualification, providing they change their ways and become more Socially minded. However, the Awareness (conscious mind) of hardened criminals and people that 'kill or Rape',will automatically transfer to an unborn baby in a mother’s womb, when their body dies, with most of their memory removed, then perhaps their Awareness (conscious mind) will qualify to transfer to the 'Inner surface' (Inner Space) in their next life.

This world has two surfaces, an 'Inner' and 'Outer Surface' both surfaces occupying the same space. We are living in the 'Outer Surface' and when our body dies our Awareness (conscious mind) transfers to the 'Inner surface', with our memory intact.The 'Out Surface' is created from 'Matter' and the 'Inner surface' (Inner Space) is created from 'Anti-Matter'.

We cannot see the people in the 'Inner surface' and they cannot see us in the 'Outer Surface but they can communicate with us in various ways i.e via our subconscious mind.

When our Awareness (conscious mind) transfers to 'Inner space' we transfer to a specially created unit that is neither male of female. Our identity is our memory gained as a man or women during our lifetime on the 'Outer surface'.

Whilst living in the 'Inner surface' (Inner Space) we do not eat or drink but can see, hear and recognize each other by the colors we wear, Blue for those with a memory of a man, Green for the memory of a women. We communicate via mental telepathy, which means that regardless of our spoken language, gained from the 'Outer surface', we communicate with each other in our own native tongue via mental telepathy.

We stay in 'Inner Space' (Inner surface) for thousands of years, then eventually transfer to the 'outer surface' and become the Awareness (conscious mind) of an unborn baby in a mother's womb.

Whilst we are within the 'Inner surface' (Inner Space) we socialize with our relatives and friends and greet relative and friends that transfer to the 'Inner surface, when their body dies. We contribute to the development of this world, based on our Practical Experiences and Expertise, gained on the Outer Surface.

This means, it is important for people to live as long as possible because of their practical experiences and memories they take with them, when they transfer to the 'Inner Surface' (Inner Space). The ultimate life expectancy for the people of this world in the future, is 126 years of age.

Please keep in mind, when a man or women's body dies, their 'Awareness' (conscious mind) transfers to an unborn baby in a mother’s womb, with most of their memory erased. However, providing they qualify by being an average socially minded person i.e. 60 - 40, they transfer to the 'Inner Surface' (Inner Space) the Dimension of 'Thoughts' with their memory intact.

The information above is a condensed version of my research with a pendulum. During my research, over the past 28 Years, I have learned many things by asking thousands of questions relating to subjects that represent the development of our world but I'm never satisfied, until I have received a clarified answer to my questions.

To learn how to make and work with pendulum and your subconscious, please click the link below and visit my website, for Free instructions.

''Life For Us All Is perpetual''

Author's Bio: 

Born 1936 - in the county of warwickshire England. Father of 4 Grandfather of 7 and Great Grandfather of 2. My wife Margaret and I have been married to each other for 50 years, since 1958.
At 72 years of age I'm retired and enjoy my computer and working with a pendulum.