It's not trivial to have pain on the skin or inside of the penis. Ask those who have experienced this symptom. The leading causes of penile pain are various trauma and excessive sexual intercourse. In addition, bites (which can be bit by people or insects), pimples, or skin trauma are often causes of penile pain.

Another common cause of penis pain is genital herpes. Before the disease (rash) occurs, the infected part will have burning, itching, or pain for 5-6 days, and visible ulcers can be found on the epidermis.

Once these blister-like ulcers gradually heal, the pain symptoms will also disappear. After the first outbreak of herpes, some patients will continue for months, years, or even life without recurrence. But some patients often have relapses.

Patients with prostatitis can also have penile pain. This kind of pain may be secondary to chronic pelvic pain syndrome, where the pain in the small abdomen or pubic bone first occurs, and then the pain radiates to the penis. It is also possible that there is burning or pain in the penis during urination, often seen in patients with chronic prostatitis.

The symptoms last for a long time, which is difficult to be relieved with standard drugs. Most patients may have related psychological disorders, such as anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and penile erectile dysfunction after the course of the disease is prolonged. It is suggested that the patients should choose the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment. It can eliminate symptoms and improve the quality of life of patients.

In addition, atypical urethritis (usually urethra infection or urethritis caused by Chlamydomonas) and gonorrhea, which are transmitted through sexual behavior and cause pain symptoms, still cause considerable trouble to people despite the invention of penicillin and other kinds of antibiotic drugs.

For this situation, patients need to use more appropriate drug treatment: Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a pure herbal formula. It can treat the disease and not bring any adverse effects to the patient.

On the other hand, men who have not been circumcised are prone to infection within the foreskin (i.e., glans inflammation), which also causes pain and swelling of the penis. Usually, as long as appropriate treatment is taken for the natural source of the disease, most of the uncomfortable disease symptoms can be eliminated smoothly.

The following are the less common causes of penile pain:

1. Penile cancer - it is not difficult to identify penile cancer. The tissue forming the lesion can be seen from the organ's surface. Penile cancer usually does not cause pain unless infected, and the treatment for this disease is surgery.

2. Artificial prosthetics have been widely used to treat impotence. That is, the tube is surgically implanted into the penis tissue so that the penis can be erected smoothly with this device. If the prosthetic surgery can achieve good function, the patient can enjoy a good sexual life again. However, such artificial tubes are often infected and cause penile pain.

3. If I say that red eyes and joint pain are related to penile discomfort, do you believe it? This seemingly impossible complication is called permeability syndrome, which is caused by the disorder of the body's immune system. Therefore, if the penis is painful and exudes secretion, has a slight fever, and the joints are also painful, please look at your eyes in front of the mirror. If your eyes are red, you can diagnose your problems. Usually, after a few weeks, these symptoms will disappear without any treatment.

4. Sometimes, it is paradoxical that the pain of the penis comes from pleasure - pain caused by erection. When the blood clot forms in the artery of the erectile penis, it will prevent the blood from flowing out of the penis to other parts of the body. This way, the erectile penis will be maintained for a longer time than needed or desired, and severe pain will occur.

This condition, called permanent erection (abnormal erection), usually requires surgery to relieve the obstruction. In general, this condition occurs most frequently in patients with blood sedimentation diseases such as leukemia (leukopenia) and sickle cell anemia (but it may also occur in people with good health).

5. Peyronie's disease is another more familiar and common cause of pain when the penis is erect. This disease refers to scar tissue formation in the penis (the reason is still unknown). If you suffer from this disease, the penis will become bent when erect, causing difficulty in sexual intercourse or even no sexual intercourse. Generally, men may need surgery to improve this situation.

Warm tip: there are many causes of male penile pain. Men can do a good job in prevention by mastering and understanding the causes. The patient needs to be treated for the primary disease causing penile pain.

If pain is caused by penile infection, it can be treated with antibiotics. If penis pain is caused by stimulation, it can be alleviated as long as you rest well. When venereal diseases cause penile pain, men can complete complementary treatment according to infection factors. If the penis is damaged or even broken, it is usually treated with surgery, and partial recovery is possible.

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