While no man actually wants an unhealthy penis, a surprising number of men spend any significant amount of time on penis care. But neglecting penile health now can mean problems later on, so all men should make it a point to make caring for the penis part of their daily routine. Some guidelines for maintaining penis health are outlined here.

Step 1. Keep it clean, please.

This may seem simplistic, but research has shown that more guys than not are likely to skip on this important aspect of penis care. A daily shower really is the first step to better penis health; washing away a day’s worth of accumulated sweat, urine, dead skin cells, and other substances can help to prevent infections, irritation, and - of course - any unpleasant smells that might arise from a less-than hygienic penis. For men who are uncircumcised, this is particularly important; those who neglect a gentle wash every day may develop an accumulation of smegma under the foreskin, which can lead to a swollen, sore, unhealthy-looking penis.

Step 2. Dress for success.

Those skinny jeans might look great, especially from behind, but guys who wear them are not doing themselves any favors when it comes to penis health. Tight clothing like bikini-type underwear, jacked-up jeans and bike shorts can all restrict blood flow to this pertinent part of the anatomy. Over the long term, reduced circulation can cause nerve damage that may affect pleasurable sensation in this department. Non-restrictive, natural fabrics are the best answer; clothes should fit well enough to prevent too much sway up front, but still allow the boys downstairs to breathe.

Step 3. Don’t skip the annual exam.

No guy wants to spend an afternoon in an exam room, wearing an embarrassing cotton robe while a stranger probes his junk. But this is one aspect of penis care that no man should ever avoid. Getting the equipment checked on a regular basis - at least once per year - is necessary to detect early warning signs of potentially serious diseases. While a doctor’s visit is not anyone’s idea of a good time, taking care of penile health can ensure that the real good times can continue well into the golden years.

Step 4. Protect, protect, protect.

No matter how hot a partner may be, and no matter how clean they insist they are, there is no excuse ever for skipping on protection, unless a couple is in a committed, truly monogamous relationship. Even if there are no signs of a transmittable disease present, either partner may be infected - many diseases take weeks or even months to show signs, and in some cases, no symptoms may ever develop. This means that even people who believe they are perfectly healthy can infect a partner, so for the safety of both parties, a condom should always be a requirement.

Step 5: Nourish and moisturize from the outside in.

The penile skin is the first line of defense against external invaders like bacteria, fungal spores and other environmental hazards - not to mention the stress that comes from masturbation and sex. Keeping the skin healthy and maintaining the surface integrity can help to prevent a wide range of problems, from unpleasant skin infections to actual loss of penile sensation.

In this respect, a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) makes for the perfect secret weapon. A creme containing nature’s best moisturizer - Shea butter - can help to smooth and soften toughened skin, leaving it feeling supple and youthful. Vitamins, antioxidants and other penis-specific nutrients work at the same time to fill in any nutritional gaps to ensure that the penis skin receives the nourishment it needs to stay healthy, fight disease and function at its best on a cellular level.

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