When a man gets to a certain age, he may assume he knows just about everything there is to know about the penis. He has survived high school sex ed., is well-versed about the "birds and the bees" and has a good working knowledge of his overall sexual health. Even still, there tend to be certain questions that even the most penis-savvy man may ponder. Below are 4 common penis quandaries and their answers, in addition to a few quick penis care tips to ensure the magic stick stays up and running.

How many erections does a man get each day?

The answer is varied, but ranges from zero to dozens or more. Factors that influence the frequency of one’s happiness level include: a man’s age, physical health, medication he is on, his mood, and any physical or visual stimulation in the environment. Furthermore, healthy men experience about 3 to 6 erections every night in their sleep, with some lasting 30 minutes or more.

Does circumcision affect penis sensation?

This is a controversial issue that is debated worldwide; however much of the research suggests that it does not. Experts at Hopkins University conducted a study into this very question and determined that neither sexual satisfaction nor performance differed significantly between circumcised and uncircumcised men. Of course, there are those that disagree and feel a penis that retains its foreskin has more nerve endings -those in the foreskin itself - and is more sensitive as the head of the penis is protected by the sheath. The only real way to know for certain is to conduct a large study using men who are uncircumcised then circumcise them doing detailed before and after research, and since there is no line of volunteers rushing to participate, this may be a case where the differing factions have to agree to disagree.

How can a man avoid premature ejaculation?

Many men are endlessly worried about bringing an end to the evening too soon, thus disappointing their partner. A man and his partner can explore different foreplay that doesn’t focus entirely on his penis, thus avoiding becoming overly excited. During sex, men can delay orgasm by gently squeezing under the head of the penis until the urge to climax goes away - however, this method should be used sparingly to prevent creating an orgasmic disorder or inducing retrograde ejaculation. If finishing too soon is a major problem, men can always talk to a doctor about underlying health issues and potential treatment methods.

Does a flaccid penis relate to the size of an erection?

There is commonly locker room talk among men regarding whether they are a "show-er or a grower;" meaning whether they have a larger flaccid penis with less of a change in erect size (show-er) or a slightly less impressive penis size while flaccid, but with a more dramatic change when erect (grower). Bottom line, there is no correlation between a flaccid and erect penis. A man who is less endowed while limp may rise to exceed all expectations, or he may stay on the smaller side when erect and vice versa.

Does a penis change with age?

While the basic structure of the penis stays the same after a man reaches full sexual maturity, there are some changes that come with age. Fluctuating hormone levels, cardiovascular health, and even neurological changes can all lead to decreased penis sensitivity, lower sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Of course, as with the rest of the body, the skin on the penis can begin to wrinkle, sag and loosen. Thus, it is important to focus on the health and vitality of the penis from a young age to ensure it remains in good condition for the long haul.

Penis Care Tips

A good rule of thumb is that what’s good for the heart is good for the penis. Eating right, exercising, watching cholesterol levels, not smoking, and drinking in moderation can all keep the circulation pumping strong. A daily penis vitamin creme (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil), packed with all-natural vitamins and minerals, can also help fight the signs of an aging penis such as dry, wrinkling skin and sensation loss.

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