Most men, when asked to name their favorite body part, will immediately indicate the area directly below the belt. From the day he is born, the penis serves as a source of fascination and pleasure which only increases as he gets older. But given the importance of the manhood to a man’s psyche, surprisingly few men give much thought to caring for it properly. But lack of knowledge about the proper care of the package can lead to all sorts of problems. With the right information about penis care, men can take the 3 most important steps that are needed to improve and maintain their penis health.

Cleaning the manhood - the right way

An unwashed manhood is not just stinky and unappealing; when not cleaned properly, the penile skin becomes a haven for bacteria, fungal spores, dead skin cells and body oils, and a host of other nasty materials that can cause infections, acne, and skin that is rough, raw and sore.

Keeping things clean should be the first stop in any man’s daily personal care routine. On the other hand, this does not mean that he should take a scouring pad to the sensitive tissue to scrub away the filth. Rinsing the penis in warm water to soften the skin, and then using a gentle cleanser to wash away any accumulated body fluids, skin cells and other materials is all that is needed. Rather than using a towel or washcloth, the fingertips or a very soft cloth should be used to avoid abrasions and irritation. Afterward, the penis should be rinsed thoroughly again and then patted dry with a soft cloth. A penis moisturizer, applied to the skin while it is still warm and damp, can help to improve the quality and overall appearance of the skin.

Grooming for better health

The idea of shaving the pelvic region may seem foreign to many men, but the idea is actually catching on in many parts of the world, as more and more guys are coming to realize the benefits. While not everyone likes a sleek, manscaped look, a large number of women do report that they find this more attractive than a knotted thicket of hair and are more likely to get up close and personal with the package if it is clean-shaven.

This is not the only consideration, though - the hair is actually one of the dirtiest parts of the body, even when it is washed often. Hair traps all sorts of debris from the outside world, and it provides an ideal environment for harboring diseases. In the pelvic area, it also allows stale urine, sweat and other bodily fluids to cling to its surface, leading to extremely unpleasant odors.

Removing the hair in this area can leave a man smelling fresher, help to prevent infection, and eliminate the need to constantly scratch at the trousers.

Feeding the penis

Like any other body part, a man’s equipment relies on the right combination of nutrients to function properly and stay healthy. Many of these nutrients are provided in a man’s diet, provided that he takes care to choose the right ingredients; but for men who need a little extra assistance in this area, a penis nutrient creme that is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and natural emollients (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is an excellent source of nourishment for the penile tissue. The right combination of nutrients can support healthy skin, boost sensory function and enhance the body’s natural disease-fighting response. Men who are serious about the health of their manhood should look for products that are designed specifically for the penis, as creams that are made for the hands and body often contain fragrances, alcohol, and other chemicals that are too harsh for the delicate penile skin.

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