Mechanics all over the world swear by routine maintenance. As long as the chassis is kept bright and shiny, and the engine is lubricated and balanced with care, the car can keep on running with no break in the action. Unfortunately, while most men are willing to take their precious car in for care, few may think of dealing with the other little machine they own.

That's right: The penis also needs a little TLC in order to stay in tip-top shape, without needing a trip to the doctor for a little specialized penis care. One of the best ways to provide that specialized care involves a quick rubdown with a penis health creme, each and every night.

Moisturizing Help

Most lotions are designed to help the skin to stay soft and supple, and typically, they're used on parts of the body that are exposed to the sun. Noses, fingers and the tips of the ears can become cracked and dry when they're beaten by the sun day in and day out, and a lotion can help that dry skin to flake away so softer skin can come to the surface.

While a man's Johnson might never be extremely cracked and dry, it might have microscopic tears that impact performance. Each rough brush with a towel and each bout of love from a partner that's executed without lube can leave its mark, and in time, that dry skin might be a little less elastic. At a time when a man wants to be most impressive, his dry skin my hold back a precious millimeter or two. Moisturizing could be vital in order to protect the width and length a man's expected to deliver.

Soothing Sensations

While intimate sessions require a man to do certain things for the benefit of others, some movements are made just for him. Unfortunately, if his skin isn't properly nourished, all of those sweet sensations could pass him right by.

Nerve cells are nutrient gobblers, and the cells that line the penis need a particular bath of vitamins and minerals in order to function at peak capacity. Taking a multivitamin can help, but adding vital elements directly to the vital organ is a much better option, as the digestive tract is eliminated and the nutrition goes right where it's needed. In time, the nerves can fire with ease and all of the pleasures a penis can deliver will be at a man's fingertips.

Improving Hygiene

Washing, scrubbing and patting can keep the groin fresh and tidy, but leftover droplets of water and tiny molecules of soap can cause lingering sensations of pain that don't seem to abate with time. Adding in a post-towel moisturizing step provides a man with yet another opportunity to wipe irritants away, leaving nothing but soothing sensations behind. This step could bring intense benefits, including:

  • Improved scent
  • Reduced risk of pain and swelling
  • Improved visual appearance
  • Reduced risk of cheesy discharge from the foreskin

Getting Started

All penis health products are not created equal. In fact, some products are designed to address some specific penis ailments, rather than supporting underlying good health that could make those problems fade away before they begin. A proper penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) for a healthy man will provide a vital mix of emollients for skin health, spiked with the vitamins and minerals that will support healthy tissue turnover. A creme like this isn’t used to cure a disease, and it shouldn’t be used in place of a personal lubricant, but it can be a man's secret weapon. A quick tune-up after a shower, involving nothing more than a quick rub with a soft lotion, can keep a man's engine purring and his pistons firing right on schedule.

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