Most men wear condoms in order to avoid penis pain and other problems. The little slip of material can thwart all kinds of nasty germs that are just waiting to invade, and blocking that infection could mean keeping sharp tingles of discomfort at bay. However, newer condoms sometimes come with fancy bells and whistles that could end up damaging sensitive skin, and the resulting pain can be intense. Staying safe might mean staying conventional for some men, but should they chose to walk on the wild side, providing proper penis care could help to alleviate the discomfort.

Sizing Basics

Most condoms are designed to fit a wide range of men, and differences in length can quickly be amended with a flick of the thumb, as men who are longer than average might need to unroll a bit more material when compared to men who are on the shorter side of things.

Condoms do not, on the other hand, account for changes in girth. Men who are a little wider than average can experiencing a pinching sensation in a standard condom, and if that product contains any kind of ribbing, stippling or other texture, the sensation of pain can be augmented.

Men on the thicker side might need to stick with condoms that provide a loose fit and that contain no designs or details at all. Slipping a daub of lubricant on penile skin can make the product slide on a bit easier, as well.

Hot and Cold

Newer condoms can provide experimental couples with all sorts of interesting sensations. Some heat up with use, for example, while others contain ingredients that can make sensitive skin tingle. Some condoms even contain flavorings, which might make oral-based play just a bit more entertaining. Alterations like this might be perfectly acceptable for some men, but others might experience troubling sensations, including feelings of:

  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Stinging
  • Soreness

Sometimes, these sensations don't appear until the fun is over. The brain is designed to overrule feelings of pain with feelings of pleasure, and as a result, it's not uncommon for men to feel wonderful during sex and miserable as the sensations wear off.

Some men have reactions that don't take hold until after sex is completed. These men may have a condom allergy, or a response to the materials that make up the condom - latex is a common culprit in this respect - or they might have skin cells that are sensitive to specific chemicals that are used to make a condom interesting. In the days that follow sex, these men might have a painful penis, and they might also have skin that's red, irritated and itchy.

Taking Action

Sex shouldn't be painful, so any episode that contains an element of pain should be suspended immediately. It can be uncomfortable to mention penis pain in the midst of sex, but men who stop when they're distressed may avoid further damage to their very sensitive tissue.

After-the-fact discomfort can be slightly more difficult to deal with, and sometimes, a doctor's office is the best place in which to find a solution. With a quick exam, a doctor can determine the cause of the discomfort and provide men with a cream or other treatment that can soothe distressed skin. Since condom reactions can sometimes produce symptoms that are similar to those experienced by people with sexually transmitted diseases, it's best to let an expert make the diagnosis and chart the proper course for healing.

Skin that's sore and abraded might benefit from a bit of TLC. Washing the area with cool water may help, and wearing breathable clothing might allow sore skin to cool down and heal more quickly. A penis health creme may also provide valuable relief. A quality product (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) contains soothing ingredients that can soften stressed or scarred tissue; and the vitamins in these products can help damaged skin to heal. In just a few applications, a man might feel his health returning, and he might be ready for play in no time at all.

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