On the surface of things, alcohol seems like a good idea when it comes to penis performance. Besides just the feel-good sensation of the buzz that comes after a few drinks, and seeing potential in partners that a man might not otherwise consider, guys who are feeling no pain might be up for doing all kinds of kinky things they might not ordinarily be willing to try. However, in spite of the sense of adventure and the reduced level of inhibition, alcohol can actually have a negative effect both on sensitivity and on penis performance. With the right penis care, the issues caused by altered body chemistry can be amended in most cases, but alcohol can have some lasting effects if men are not aware of the consequences of drinking too much.

Nervous Nerves

The sedating, calming effect of alcohol can be felt throughout the body, but it begins inside the cells of the brain and is transmitted along the nerve pathways that serve all parts of the anatomy. Alcohol does lower inhibitions and often increases desire, but it also disrupts the neural transmissions that allow men to experience sensual pleasure. People who partake too often may have ongoing issues with penis sensitivity, as their nerve cells may be permanently damaged by the exposure.

Haphazard Heart

The swelling action of the penis is dependent on an inflow of blood from neighboring tissue. That blood doesn't arrive of its own free will; an active heart that's beating rapidly during sexual activity pushes it there. Unfortunately, alcohol can also impair electrical activity inside the heart, meaning that this muscle just can't work as quickly or as hard as it once did. While the heart might beat furiously, it might not be able to move blood into the penis at all.

Additionally, alcoholic drinks tend to pack a big caloric punch, so men who drink a lot may be carrying around a big batch of belly fat that puts yet more pressure on the heart. A man with this kind of trouble may still have penis sensitivity, but he may be unable to do anything with the sensations he feels. Losing this weight could be vital, but some men also need to consult with doctors in order to repair heart damage caused by overindulgence.

Drunken Decisions

When someone is intoxicated, all sorts of ideas seem to be acceptable or even desirable. People who are under the influence may do things that the penis might later regret, including:

  • Having unprotected sex
  • Neglecting to use a personal lubricant
  • Using fast, acrobatic sexual movements that could bruise or damage the penis
  • Trying forceful hand gestures to make an unwilling penis come to attention

When sobriety returns, a man might be rewarded with a painful, damaged penis that might have a reduced ability to feel any kind of pleasure at all. Proper penis care could amend this kind of transient damage and allow a man to return to his former glory. Soothing baths, cotton underwear and abstinence are the three ingredients needed in a penis-healing recipe for issues like this.

Choosing Alternatives

Alcohol isn’t the only tool available to a man who wants to break the ice with a potential partner. Good food can also be an incredible aphrodisiac, and some couples find that cooking together provides them with both a physical and an emotional proximity that can boost their intimate moments together. Dancing can also be a healthy way to get the blood flowing for a couple, and the workout on the dance floor could be followed by a workout of a more personal nature.

A penis health creme could be a good investment for men who want to improve penis sensation and repair the damage caused by rough handling. A penis vitamin creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) is loaded with vitamins that can soothe and protect the skin, and the product is designed to be rubbed right into the tissues of the penis, leaving no perfume or residue behind. An organ treated like this may become more responsive than ever, ready for whatever comes next.

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