Over the years, there have been plenty of myths and old wives’ tales about penis performance and size; nearly everyone has heard the story that masturbation causes blindness or hairy palms. But the vast majority of these myths are based purely on imagination, with no medical evidence to back them up. So before getting stressed out over the idea that women can tell the size of a man’s penis based on his height, weight, eye color, or the height of his father’s grandfather’s cousin….read these 4 common penis myths and maybe have a chuckle.

While it’s true that one may not be able to tell much about the size, health or virility of a man just by looking at him, there are some steps he can take to maintain the health of his penis so it is in tip-top shape the next time his partner gets up close and personal. A daily penis care regimen will keep the love stick running at optimum performance, which may help improve self-confidence in the sack -- and that is no laughing matter.

Shoe Size

A common old wives’ tale hypothesizes that the size of the man’s equipment correlates to the size of his feet, meaning, the bigger his feet, the larger the penis, and vice versa. In fact, considerable research has been focused on this phenomenon, and it has been proved time and time again that there is no scientific link between the sizes of these two body parts.

Hand Size

Another collective belief is that a man’s penis size can be determined by the size of his hand; big hands equals a big Johnson. This myth is not entirely true, though interestingly, there just may be a connection between a guy’s digits and his trouser mouse. A study in the Asian Journal of Andrology found that men who have a shorter index finger than ring finger may have bigger penises than those whose relative finger lengths are reversed. It is believed that penis length and finger length are both influenced by the amount of testosterone men are exposed to in utero. This pre-birth exposure to the hormone may be, in part, responsible for a longer penis.


It is a often thought certain races are naturally more endowed than others, with the generally accepted idea being that men of African descent are especially large in this department, while Asian men get the proverbial short end of the stick, and Caucasians falling somewhere in the middle. While numerous studies have been published on this very issue, the results tend to support the fallacy of this claim. Bottom line, penis length and girth vary amongst all men, regardless of race.

Men are always ready to go

While it may be true that some men have a more active sex drive than their female counterparts -- particularly in their teens and early 20s -- men are not all insatiable creatures ready to rumble 24/7. In fact, this myth, above all others, may make some men feel that they are under-performing or not living up to expectations. Men, like women, are entitled to say, "Not tonight, Dear" without feeling emasculated - everybody has to sleep sometime. Keeping realistic expectations about one’s love life and penis performance can help reduce feelings of insecurity or failure.

However, for men who feel like they have lost - or are losing their mojo - there are things that can be done to bring back the vitality to the penis, or simply maintain and improve on an already healthy member. Using a vitamin-rich penis health creme (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help to improve circulation - poor circulation is a major contributing factor to a lack luster performance - in addition to repairing penile nerve damage and increasing sensitivity. Many nutrients, including vitamins C, E, A, and B5 have been shown to improve sexual functioning, and applying them directly to the penis may improve absorption rate when compared to taking a vitamin pill.

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