Penis Pump As An Enlargement Method: Best Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis pumps are gadgets that come with a tube into which you insert your erect penis. Once you have done that, you start to use a pump that comes along with the tube to create a vacuum sort of effect. What this does is that it forces blood into the penis. Manufacturers of this pump will claim that such pumping will add inches to your penis instantaneously and that it is the best and safest way to achieve penis enlargement.

They could not be more misleading with that information. A pump is first of all very unnatural in the way it forces blood into your penis. It is actually causing trauma by forcing blood into the penis. It is almost the same as inserting your penis into a vacuum cleaner hose at full power. Would you do something like that? Probably not. If that is the case, you should also stay away from penis pumps.

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There are several risks associated with pumps. First of all, there is the risk of the material of the pump cutting or nicking your skin during the pumping process. A lot of these pumps are made out of cheap and poorly finished plastic that you have to be very careful with as they could easily cut your skin.

Secondly, there is a grave danger of the pump causing burst capillaries. If you buy a pump that is too tight and vigorously pump away, you can burst the delicate capillaries that carry blood into your penis. This is almost irreversible damage that will take surgery to fix. Though cases of burst capillaries are few in numbers by those who have used penis pumps, it is a great danger nevertheless.

Thirdly, you will be better off avoiding penis pumps simply because they do not enlarge your penis. What they instead do is force additional blood into your penis which causes you to have a firmer erection. The firmer erection will give you the illusion of having a larger penis although it has not increased in size at all.

Fourthly, even the illusion of a larger penis that you get from a penis pump is very temporary. It will start to fade in just a few seconds to a few minutes. Pumps are usually used by porn stars in between scenes. It is not practical for one to pump his penis each time he wants to have sex in a normal relationship.

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We see it all the time, pills like Vimax, Extenze and a lot of other such fancy names being advertised as being able to increase your penis size overnight. They promise you penis enlargement without any effort on your part. While their advertising may sound very appealing, the fact of the matter is that none of those products will deliver on what they promise. In fact, there are a lot of reasons apart from the lack of effectiveness that should keep you away from purchasing these pills.

Before we dig a little deeper into penis pills, you need to get a better understanding of the anatomy of the penis. The size of the penis is dependent on the amount of blood it can hold. The penis is not a muscle like some of the websites tell you. A penis has three chambers. There are two at the top that run along the length of your penis and one at the bottom that runs along the width of your penis.

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The size of these penis chambers are decided by two things. One is something that you cannot do anything about and that is genetics. If you are gifted with a large penis, you can consider yourself lucky. The other factor that determines the size of the penis chambers is the thickness of the cell walls that surround these penis chambers. In most adults, these cell walls would have thickened to abnormal levels. The thickening occurs due to lack of exercise for the penis. Unless you have a very active sex life, your penis is not used nearly as much as any other body part. The result is that it becomes unfit with thick cell walls surrounding the chambers that in turn reduce the size of the chambers thereby restricting your penis size.

It is impossible for penis pills to enlarge your penis because they will not alter the thickness of the cell walls. Penis pills just promote better blood flow into the penis. In some cases, men will experience a firmer or harder erection after taking these pills but the effect will fade quickly once the pills wear off. Most pills last only a few minutes or an hour or two at the most. You will have to buy a large quantity of these pills to get this minute improvement in erections on an everyday basis. These pills do not come cheap. Expensive prices are not the only thing that should make you avoid penis pills. You will notice that none of these penis pills are every approved by the FDA. They will also never be approved by the FDA in the future which will tell you a lot about the credibility of these pills. You can learn about a much safer and effective method of penis enlargement method at the resource given below.

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Men have been fretting over their penis size since time immemorial. You will find plenty of information, pills, exercises and various techniques that offers to lengthen the penis. And there is a lot of talk with regards to this topic. But the big question remains: Is penis enlargement a myth?

The Truth

Now let's delve deeper to discover the truth about penis enlargement. Let's take a peek at some of the more popular ways to enlarge the penis and discover the process of how they work:


These are orally taken and guarantees enlargement. Although many say they are a scam but the truth of the matter is that, these products are being sold legally and if you purchase from a reputable source will more likely be an effective method. These pills make your penis larger and thicker during erection and your sex drive will significantly be increased. It works by increasing the blood flow through that particular area and promote healthy cell growth.

Traction Devices

This device work on the premise that as you stretch your penis and apply outside force, the micro tears and micro repairing that will occur during the stretching period will slowly elongate your penis and slow being the operative word it means that this type of device work but it will take time, around three to six months before any initial sign of success becomes evident.

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Penile Exercises

This includes jelqing, kegels exercise and other stretching moves. The exercises work with the same premise as the traction device but the stretching is done manually.

You allow blood to pool in the penis shaft by 'milking' it to allow more blood to flow and then stretching the penis to the point of pain by pulling it away from your body.

You do need to be careful and learn to stretch your penis just at the right amount and know when to stop, since overexerting the penis and overdoing the exercise will do more harm than good.

This technique and the penile traction devices are more effective when done in conjunction with intake of penile pills. The effects are more pronounced when you do a combination of the techniques.

So is penis enlargement a myth? No, it's not. It is indeed possible to increase the size of your penis effectively and permanently. You just need to know that right techniques and understand the proper way to conduct each technique.

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If you have been suffering with the embarrassment of having a smaller than average penis size, here is a useful tip: instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on some space-age devices which are touted to be the best invention ever for helping guys like you grow bigger down there, try exercising your penis! It only takes a bit of your time each day to do so, and get this - you only need to use your hands to do so!

I can totally relate to how you feel about the smallness of your manhood. I have been there myself. And I know how emotionally troubling it can be, especially when it comes to performing in bed. That is precisely why many guys easily grow desperate and end up wasting a lot of money on products which do not work at all.

The Scientific Fact Behind Growing Your Penis Bigger Through Exercises

By doing exercises on your male organ with your hands, you actually do something which is scientifically logical to help your organ naturally expand into a larger size. How is that so? Think about it for a second: you rely on exercising in order to end up with a bigger, stronger, and healthier-looking set of biceps, don't you?

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The same can be applied to your precious asset down there. Exercising it regularly with your hands helps to naturally draw more blood to enter its main blood channels within. This action causes the tissues inside to expand, hence enlarging the size of your penis. And as you continue to keep doing the exercises, your penis will only keep increasing in size!

Exercising Your Penis To Make It Bigger Is Absolutely Easy!

But unlike the huge amount of physical effort involved in building your muscles, exercising your penis is fairly effortless. The exercise actions only involve several simple stretching and massaging of your male organ with your hands, and would typically take you less than 30 minutes to do so each morning.

Best part of doing the exercises is that the resulting gain in size you experience will remain with your manhood for good! That means you will no longer have to worry about your sexual "shortcomings" any longer!

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