When it comes to masturbating, it is easy to get into a routine. From the first days of discovery and experimentation, it becomes clear that certain hand motions, degrees of pressure and other subtleties get more of a response than others. For guys who are looking to get the job done quickly, without getting caught in the act, these techniques can quickly turn into a habit.

But after years of doing the same old thing, men may discover that other forms of stimulation - such as sex with a partner or different types of touch - do not bring about the desired response. ¬In fact, even the tried-and-true approach isn’t what it used to be, and it can take what seems like hours of pulling and tugging to reach the ultimate O. This problem is often referred to as "death grip syndrome" While not a recognized medical condition, this issue affects countless numbers of men. Fortunately, it is not irreversible - with some work and attention to penis care, men can once again enjoy a pleasurable range of sensations.

What is death grip syndrome?

During masturbation, the nerves of the penis send signals to the brain, which responds with feelings of pleasure. After years of doing more or less the same thing every time, a couple of things happen. First of all, the brain becomes accustomed to responding only to that stimulus, and second, after a time, it essentially begins to get bored. In effect, it no longer recognizes alternative forms of stimulation; and at the same time, it takes much longer to respond even to the signals it does recognize. As a result, masturbation can take much longer, and men may have difficulty reaching climax.

It is important to point out that this issue is NOT the result of irreversible nerve or skin damage. It is simply the brain’s way of letting a guy know that a change in routine is needed. Fortunately, most men can reverse this problem and restore their pleasure in masturbation and other activity by following the steps outlined here.

Steps to reconnect with the pleasures of self-pleasure and sex

1. Take a break. While it may take some self-discipline, this is an important step. For one week, no matter how tempting it might be to engage in a little self-comforting, it is necessary to abstain completely.

2. After a week of no self-pleasuring at all, men can slowly begin to work masturbation into the mix. But it is essential that guys do not start the event by stroking the penis into shape - instead, wait until an erection occurs on its own, and then take the time to experiment with soft touch, new types of grips, toys, and even the help of a partner. In the second week of the retraining, masturbation should only take place once.

3. In the third week, men can begin to work in 2-3 sessions, always waiting for an erection to occur naturally and making the time to take it slow. No matter how tempting it may be, it is important not to revert to the old style - men should keep experimenting with different approaches to stimulation.

Promoting a healthy penis

In order to fully benefit from the steps described above, men should also establish a penis care regimen that promotes healthy skin and nerve tissue, as well as protecting the penis from further damage.

Keeping it clean should be a number one priority, as built up body fluids, dead skin cells and dried-on sweat can all cause irritation and increase the chances of cracked, dry skin and various types of skin infections.

Wearing comfortable, non-restrictive undergarments and pants that leave some breathing room can contribute to healthy circulation and ensure that the nerve and skin cells of the penis are well-nourished and functioning at their prime.

Applying an all-natural penis health creme (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that is enriched with vitamins, amino acids and minerals targeting nerve and circulatory health may also promote increased penis sensation and help to counter the effects of death grip syndrome.

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