It's a well-known fact that women spend a significant amount of money on beauty products. In fact, the YWCA reports that women spend about $7 billion dollars each and every year on cosmetics and beauty products. Men, on the other hand, might be quite content to stock the bathroom cabinet with hotel soap, and they might not even consider spending a dime on something like lotion. There are good reasons for women to talk to their partners about skin care for men, starting with penis health crèmes. With a little bit of education about the benefits these products can bring about, men might be more willing to work toward the healthy skin they deserve.

Skin Mechanics
There is no cellular difference between male skin and female skin. Tiny male babies have skin that's just as soft and smooth as the skin that covers their little sisters. It's just when these boys grow up that dramatic changes begin to take place. Men spend time in rough-and-tumble activities, including hunting, fishing, automotive repair, football and carpentry. They spend hours in the sun without sunscreen. They hardly ever use lotion on any part of their bodies, and the soaps they use might be prized for their scent or their price, rather than their ability to lock in moisture. As a result, adult male skin tends to be tougher, thicker and less sensitive than adult female skin. Rough handling is to blame, and it can have major consequences.

Many of the skin's receptors for touch are located quite close to the surface of the skin. Men's calluses and scabs protect them from pain when they're using their hands during their hobbies. Men with soft hands might not be able to repair a carburetor without gloves on, for example, as the tools and the hot engine of the car would hurt their fingers. Scabs can be helpful here. However, scabs and rough skin in some places could make life just a bit less pleasant for men.

Intimate Skin
The skin that covers the penis is much like the skin that covers the rest of a man's body. With rough treatment, this skin can also become rough, tough and less responsive. Men who wear rough underwear, or no underwear at all, can cause little scrapes and tears in the skin of the penis, and this can heal up with toughened scar tissue. Similarly, men who steal away for a few moments of private pleasure can use rough tactics and omit lotion, and this can also cause toughening and scraping.

Good Steps to Take
Encouraging men to spend up on personal hygiene and penis grooming might be a good first step. Soaps that have a high moisture content and a low astringent content can allow the skin to retain moisture. Dirt washes away while the moisture is locked in place. It's a good step for any man to consider. Men can also use a touch of lotion at the end of a shower, creating a seal that can lock that moisture in place.

Women can also encourage their men to try a penis health crème (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil). These crèmes are specifically designed to help soothe and heal penis skin that might have been roughened by poor treatment and decades of low-quality soaps and hygiene products. Health crèmes often contain:
• Antioxidants, which can offset the aging process and slough off dead skin cells
• Vitamins, which can reduce the presence of bacteria
• Enzymes, which can increase blood flow
• Emollients, which can soften and smooth skin

Lotions, soaps and crèmes make great gifts for men who won't buy them on their own, and applying those products could be a fun way for women to introduce their men to the benefits of good skin care. The softer, more responsive skin men develop could be ample payment for the hard work women put in on behalf of their men.

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