When it comes to choosing a Valentine's Day gift, men have it easy. Once they pick up flowers and a card, their work is done. Shopping for men, on the other hand, can be quite a challenge. There are no traditional go-to gifts to show a man he's appreciated, and men often clam up when they're asked about their preferences. These six gift ideas may help, and they come with a hidden bonus. All of these options were chosen with penis health in mind, so women may be giving a great gift, and getting quite a gift in return.

1. Dark Chocolate

A nibble of chocolate is always a treat, and the flavonoids found in dark chocolate may help to lower blood pressure and improve the ability of the heart to push blood. A guy with a healthy cardiovascular system is more likely to have a responsive penis, so chocolate might not only taste good, but do good as well. There is one word of caution, however, as the sugars and fats in chocolate could cause a man to gain weight, and this works against heart health. A small box might be best here in order to provide the benefits while minimizing the risks.

2. Boxers or Briefs

Men often have a tendency to hang on to their favorite underwear until it's absolutely transparent. Worn clothing like this often has exposed seams and rough edges, and this can cause nasty chafing in a very sensitive spot. Replacement undies are a romantic and sensitive choice for a gift, and manufacturers often dot their products with hearts in recognition of the holiday. Shoppers should search for items that are soft, comfortable, breathable and snug, as these pieces of clothing won't trap moisture in or let delicate organs come tumbling out.

3. Soft, Plush Towels

Older, rough towels can help a guy get dry in a hurry, but the nap on these items can scrape away delicate penis tissues. New, fluffy towels with a high thread count make an excellent gift, and men might be persuaded to try them out with their partners when the romantic dinner is over.

4. Electric Trimmers

A tidy patch of hair can make a penis look just a bit bigger, and hair that's properly trimmed is less likely to get in a girl's way when she's up close and personal. A razor is often a trimming tool of choice, but razors can cause sharp hairs to turn inward, causing painful bumps and lumps. Electric trimmers can help a guy to stay trimmed without running the risk of rebelling hairs, and once again, this product might be put to good use on the holiday. Trimming hair can be a fun partner activity.

5. Nicotine Gum or Patches

It might not be romantic, but helping men to quit smoking could be the ultimate sign of caring. Men who smoke are not only shortening their lives; use of tobacco has been shown to decrease circulation, a factor in erectile function, and to cause reduced penis sensation. Nicotine replacement products can help soothe cravings while people try to quit, and couples who quit together might provide each other with the moral support that could make abstaining all the more likely. Ladies who smoke might need two sets of products, marked his and hers.

6. Penis Health Crème

The skin of the penis is subject to all kinds of abuse, and men might not even think to treat the penis with the care it deserves. A penis health crème (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help, as these products contain both vitamins to nourish cells and emollients that can help skin heal after rough treatment and resist minor injury related to everyday wear and tear. This can make for an excellent gift, especially if ladies promise to show their partners how to apply the product properly.

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