In most cases people do not fail when trying to build a profitable business online, they simply quit trying! More times than not marketing success on the internet eludes aspiring entrepreneurs due to factors that primarily effect their mindset. When growing a business online there will be obstacles that must be contended with and learned from and this is quite natural! Many however regard these setbacks as the end of the road and simply walk away leaving a trail of wasted time and effort! Why is it that many fall short of marketing success when working on the internet while so many others succeed?

Here are 5 influential factors that can erode the mindset of people when trying to grow a business online causing them to give up!


Having little experience, as many people do, in building a profitable business tends to set them up with more frustrations. Lacking familiarity with what they are doing often puts more tension and stress on a person making them more likely to get frustrated much quicker.

Lack of Patience

The time and effort needed to grow a business can easily be more than most had planned on thereby placing their patience at a premium! Especially in our current society of 'instant gratification' folks expect to get immediate results and when that does not happen they tend to become edgy clouding their thinking and judgment! In this case they are much more incline to 'throw in the towel' and walk away!

Peer Pressure

Quite often even our own peers are unfamiliar with what you may be doing or even afraid to try achieve some type of marketing success themselves online! When this is the case it is typical that they will question you and your intentions making you less sure of yourself. Once this sense of doubt creeps into your mindset it alters your thinking and even helps erode your motivation.

Negative Attitude

Negativity of any measure is much like a boulder rolling down the hill! Once it takes hold it only build momentum and can be hard to stop! When things do not ALWAYS go according to plan, which is going to be the case when trying to grow a business on the internet, your attitude may tend to sour! This then makes your every effort that much harder while also making your expectations less than hopeful. You are now sabotaging your own success whether you are aware of it or not!

Lack of Self Confidence

Whether it is self doubt, repeated set backs or you just have not developed the necessary skill sets as of yet, lacking self confidence can stop you in your tracks! When you are not confident you are less likely to take chances or even try anything new whatsoever! If you are trying to develop a profitable business you will absolutely need an overabundance of confidence or you can forget it! No guts no glory!

In general people do not fail when trying to achieve marketing success online they simple grow tired of trying and end up walking away! Building a profitable business takes plenty of time and patience which can create many challenges for the 'inexperienced' entrepreneur! When growing a business it is only natural to encounter setbacks which some may view as over whelming! Once the mindset begins to shift away from a more positive attitude it opens the doors for negative influences that can steal your motivation! 5 common influential factors that can create these negative effects are discussed above and are responsible for many falling short of their dreams of online marketing success! Perhaps knowing that their inability to succeed originates from within and is not a result of impossible circumstances will be motivation enough to try once again!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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