As globalization has taken place, the news has become the biggest companion. It supports everyone 24*7. One can surely log on to the internet and switch on the television. A daily newspaper can also be purchased. All these things provide a person with latest news or World News. The news that people can expect in their store is innumerable. It ranges from sports news to entertainment news. It also includes fitness news and politics news. The journalists deal with all kinds of minutest details. This is applicable in the print media as well as in the broadcast media. A person just needs to sit back and relax for getting all kinds of news from all corners. Events should never be kept under wraps. The journalists have to keep their eyes everywhere. They should be aware of international news and global news.

One of the very hot category is the current affairs. It has acquired the highest slot in the news. People always have developed an interest and curiosity for knowing what is happening in the world around them. This demand is fulfilled by the news channels. They telecast the latest news always. The opinions of the public are also to a great extent shaped by the media. Thus, whether it includes defamation or offering a praise to someone, the media plays a very vital role. The mentality of the masses is modified to a great extent. it is believed by all people that this is false to some extent. things will always be taken for granted by people. this is true when some news is broadcasted by news channels.

There are many news channels that have entered the competition for acquiring a top position. However, they also confuse a person because he doesn’t understand which news channel he should watch. Some political parties also tend to influence these news channels. They help in giving a dictated version of their story. However, if media falls for these lucrative offers, it is wrong. This cannot be helped by the viewers. However, the discretion is not exercised always. There should be a strong thing for determining what is right and what is wrong. Entertainment and fitness news are two very popular segments. However, all the people want to know about the world breaking news as well. there are some news channels that deal with telecasting only international news and global news. This will surely keep a person very engaged.

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