“What Can We Do?”

I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that people have more emotional upheaval going on than I have seen in a long time. Why is that? And What Can We Do?

1 - People are Feeling Powerless

Right now, more than ever, people are feeling powerless and those feelings build within to the point that they sooner or later explode with emotional outbursts that don’t make sense. When we don’t feel we are in control of any situation it can lead to anger. And ongoing anger can lead to feelings of desperation that we hold inside. And sooner or later all those feelings come bursting forth in some situation and on some person that had nothing to do with anything… other than they were there as a minor irritation.

2 - People are Feeling Frustrated

When we are frustrated we push down all of our feelings. And in general, in this day and age, more people are not in touch with their feelings than ever before. And this leads to snapping at people, getting angry, and getting out of control.

So What Can We Do?

Many times we try our hardest to remedy a situation… but nothing changes. So we keep trying… but sooner or later we come to a point where we have to take care of our ourselves and not worry about the world because it will drive us crazy.

Here is What I Recommend

The best thing is to let go and let God—Have Faith.

Allow things to unfold according to the great plan.

Remember - Getting upset about anything we don’t have any power to change will only make us sick.

Forgive, forget, and move on with life.

Meditate twice a day for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.

Concentrate on the good things in life and let go of the rest.

Exercise for one hour every day.

Eat a healthy diet every single day.

Get 8 hours of restful sleep daily.

Destress daily by getting out in nature… let go of the TV, computer, and phone.

And spend more time with loved ones and friends and laugh as much as possible.

And don’t take anything personally.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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