A little while ago, when I was online, I read something that really stood out. The general gist was that due to how busy people are in today’s world, they haven’t got the time to have years of therapy.

As a result of this, they need to be able to transform their life in a much shorter period of time. It didn’t stop there, though, as the person who was saying this also made out that they could make this happen.

It Makes Sense

One way to look at this would be to say that as people are busier than ever before, they do need something that will transform their life in a shorter period of time. By being able to sort themselves out in a shorter period of time, they will be able to find time and the rest of their life won’t be disrupted.

So if this person can make this into a reality, it would be a good idea to work with them. The downside, of course, is that if someone can actually make this into a reality, they will probably charge and arm and a leg, thereby making it difficult for the average person to be able to afford what they offer.

Another Factor

What can also make what has been said above sound appealing is the need for instant gratification. Not only are so many people busy, but we also live in a society that conditions people to want everything straight away.

This has made a lot of people believe that just about everything should happen overnight. Thus, if so many things can happen without too much time having to pass, why should personal transformation be any different?

Stepping Back

Clearly, not all therapies or therapists are the same, and this is can be seen as the reason why some people need assistance for months and others for years. Working with the ‘right person’ who has the right tool/s’ is then going to be the answer if someone wants to make rapid progress.

However, even though not all therapies or therapists are the same, I think it would be incredibly naive to make out that any issue can be resolved in a few sessions or months. What needs to be acknowledged is that there can be a number of reasons as to why someone would want assistance.

Going Deeper

For example, if someone is low on confidence and wants to feel better about themselves, their life could change in a very short period of time. Still, this could be a fairly surface level shift, with what is taking place at a deeper level being overlooked.

On the other hand, if someone was abused as a child and is completely loaded up with trauma, it is unlikely that their life will fundamentally change in a few months, let alone a few sessions. For someone like this, it won’t be just a case of changing what is taking place in their mind (the software); their whole being (the hardware) will be in a need of repair.

A Slow Process

This will be very similar to a car that has a few scratches and a car that has been in a serious accident. It won’t matter if someone like this ‘has time to have years of therapy’, as they probably won’t be able to function without it anyway.

For them, it can be a time when they will be working through their pain and developing a sense of self, amongst other things. During this time there will be many defences that will also need to be worked through, and this will take time.

Final Thoughts

If someone is in a bad way and is desperate, it can be a lot harder for them to be discerning. Out of their desperation, they can end up spending a lot of money and only getting so far.

Ultimately, healing takes time and ones being is going to allow them to move forward at a rate that suits their own evolution, not at a rate that suits their ego. If this means having years of therapy, it will serve them in the long-run.

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Teacher, prolific writer, author, and consultant, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation, including love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With over two thousand, two hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behaviour, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice.