“What is my purpose?” There is a point in most of our lives that we ponder this question. We stop and look at our careers, family and life choices and ask ourselves what it is all for. For each of us the point at which this question presents itself varies. For me I have had it as long as I can remember. At different stages in my life the answer has changed. However, for others this question presents itself at events that affect or change our situations. Milestone birthdays, career changes, tragedy or a loss creates a desire to understand our purpose.

Women like Michelle Renee, featured in the Women’s Conference “How I Did It” section decided to redefine her life after going through a bank robbery with her daughter. Convinced to make a difference, she has created an organization called “Rock to Stop Violence” in an effort to bring the community together for non-violence through rock & roll music, art, and fashion. For Mary Ann Wasil Nilan it happened after surviving breast cancer, a stroke and all the treatments and surgeries that went along with it. She decided to make a difference. She started the Get In Touch Foundation whose purpose is to educate young girls and women about the importance of self breast examinations. Today they are making a difference in the lives of girls all across America. Women like this realized they have the power to create change, to make a difference. Irene Owens Johnson having helped with the Walkers For Knockers Avon Breast Cancer Team fell in love with making a difference and this year launched Commit To Give New England. Irene in her spare time discovers local charity events, and with the use of the Internet and the many tools available informs people that want to be involved in giving and aren’t sure how to go about it.

Everyday, in every town and city across the world people at some point stop and ask themselves what is my purpose, why am I here? Our company was born because of it and we received an investor because of it. Lives are changed and people begin to inspire others when they realize that living a life of purpose and passion has so much more value then just having a career or job. For some purpose is their family, their church, or their local community. For others is it providing new technology like Bill Gates. The reality is only we know what our purpose is and when it is the right time for us to pursue it. In order to fulfill the purpose we must start with hope. Hope enables us to start a non profit, start a company, and risk ourselves and our finances. We have hope that our vision and our dream will affect others. If we look at individuals that represent change, positive ideas, inspiration, within each of them lives hope and purpose.

So if you are at a point in your life that you are wondering what is my purpose and what are my hopes. Then maybe your time has come to redefine yourself and your life. Find your purpose. Have hope.

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Cheryl Nordyke is the co-owner of Waves of Gratiude Inspirational Jewelry. She writes dail about life, hope and inspiration through Inspired Thoughts, a blog writen with Kim Wierman. The two have committed to blog every day for 2010 showing that there is something to be inspired by or grateful for every day.