As the heading says, people of all classes are capable of doing self harm. It doesn't matter what age, background or race you've come from, it still can happen. Even people, who appear to be successful in their lives, could do self harm. Let's take Victoria Pendleton for example. Victoria Pendleton, a British cyclist, is considered as one of the most successful woman and Olympian by having won three gold Olympic medals and nine world titles. Pretty impressive! But she admitted on having done self harm before when she was younger. She was dealing with so much pressure from her earlier years that she would sometimes unconsciously self harm.

People, who do self harm, aren't "mad" or are just doing it for the attention. They don't even want to do it. But rather, self harming can make them feel; feel that they are alive, reminding themselves that they are still preciously human. Inflicting pain on oneself can make one feel in control over the situation despite how temporary the control is.

Once a person starts doing self harm, it is best to seek self harm help. Self harm help can battle loneliness and give support for the person to see things more clearly. Give them more understanding and help them sort out their difficulties through therapy's activities. And there are currently a lot of groups that offer help for self harm by doing group sharing and other programs that are helpful for them. Having a constant group companion and support makes an individual feel less alone and gives them purpose to go on.

When you are helping someone who self harms, it is always best to talk to them, give them patience and show them the understanding that they need. Just by having someone to talk to can distract them from being too depressed and can help release stress that they are having trouble to let go of.

If the individual starts to move on due to your self harm awareness and implementing your self harm training, it's a big step from the haze that they are feeling. Being aware that you are doing something harmful is the first step for getting help. Once realized, never be afraid to seek help and support from your friends or from self harm training groups that can help aid you in your predicament.

Face your fears head on, if others can be saved, you can be too. So don't give up and start taking actions.

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