I’m writing this note as I sit in Tampa International Airport people watching as I’m waiting for my flight to board. I’ve enjoyed people watching for as long as I can remember. I get a lot of info from just watching people. I’m not psychically tapping into them or their energy, I’m simply observing.
When my kids were small my husband and I would take them to the zoo. The kids would be pressed up close to the glass or fencing, watching the animals, while my husband and I would be sitting back watching the people, just as entertained as the kids were.

Here’s an example:
There’s a woman sitting across from me. She’s approximately 60 years of age, wearing capri pants, a short-sleeved, floral print polo shirt. She’s carrying a seashell adorned tote bag. Nothing in particular stands out as remarkable, right? However, I sense her nervousness as she fiddles with her nails, keeps checking her watch and rubs her forehead. In all this I can say I would like this woman if I introduced myself to her.

Then, also sitting across from me, there’s a young man around 35 years of age. He’s VERY anxious, can’t hold his legs still, constantly fiddling with his boarding pass, reading a magazine. It’s actually almost comical. It appears his legs are dancing while he’s sitting in his chair with a scowl upon his face. Is he nervous, anxious, or does he always act this way? I don’t get the sense I’d care for this person if I introduced myself to him. He’s too hyper-sensitive for my liking.

Even though I’ve described people by their characteristics and appearance, is it these things I’m reacting to? I don’t think so. I believe that what I’m doing is no different than what anyone else would do. I’m forming an immediate reaction to stimulus. I’m gravitating to those who are energetically like myself. Like attracts like.

The next time you’re in a public place and have an opportunity to sit back and take in your surroundings and that of the people around you, just look at someone, immediately tell yourself if you like someone or not… then try to figure out why. I can bet that in many cases you can’t really pinpoint why you are drawn to or don’t care for someone as it’s usually an instinctual reaction. You’ll find it’s not about someone’s appearance, gender, race, clothing, etc. You’ll just know who “feels” right.

Blessings ~ Lisa

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Lisa Bousson is an internationally known Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker and Instructor. With over 50 years experience, Lisa offers hope that our loved ones remain with us even after the change called death.

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