High cholesterol
High cholesterol is also known as hypercholesterolemia. Cholesterol is a fat like substance found in your blood cells. Your body needs cholesterol to produce healthy cells, but having high level of cholesterol increases the risk of heart diseases.

High cholesterol is inherited but can be prevented and treated. Regular exercise, good diet and medications are few of the treatment options to treat high cholesterol.

Who suffers from high cholesterol?
Cholesterol levels vary based on the countries the people stay. People, who live in countries where cholesterol level is low like in Japan, are at a lower risk of heart problems. Countries with high cholesterol level like Finland are at a higher risk of heart diseases. This condition is more usual in men younger than 50 years and in women older than 50 years. The risk of high cholesterol increases with age.

High cholesterol can be due to various factors. Few of them include diet, heredity, lifestyle and lack of exercise. Also few of the illnesses like liver, thyroid and kidney problems can cause high cholesterol.

Atorvastatin is the medication that is used to treat high cholesterol and also to lower the risk of heart problems. This can be used by adults and the children who are a minimum of 10 years old.

Before you take Atorvastatin, let your doctor know if you have kidney problems, Diabetes, muscle pain or if you take excess alcohol. Keep away from the diet that has high cholesterol level. Atorvastatin will not work well if you do not follow a good diet plan.

Get emergency help if you notice any of the serious Atorvastatin side effects like severe muscle pain, swelling, weight gain, tiredness, fever, pain in the upper stomach and dark urine. These are just a few side effects. There are many other side effects that may occur. Call your doctor immediately and take his help if you notice any of these side effects.

This medication comes in the strengths of 10mg, 20mg, 40mg and 80 mg and is available in the form of tablets.

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