Human beings are meaning makers. We love to attribute meaning and label everything that we see, touch, taste, feel, or smell. This is useful, could you imagine how tedious it would be to navigate the world if we had to relearn how to open a door every time we approached one? No, instead we learn how to use a door once and then generalize that the rest of the doors we approach will operate in the same way. This is the process of how we learn. And this is also how we limit ourselves.

Let me tell you a story. When I first moved into my condo I couldn’t get hot water in my shower. As far as I could tell the water heater was on and everything was functioning properly. I suffered through 3 days worth of ice cold showers until I could get someone over to look at the shower and do you know what he discovered? There was nothing wrong except that the cold and hot water were on the opposite sides. I approached this shower as I had approached every other shower in my life, assuming that the cold was on the right and the hot was on the left. I had seen sink faucets in the past that were reversed like that but I had never encountered it in a shower so I didn’t even think to try it. I was limited by my own generalizations of how I thought a shower should work.
Now, this is not such a terrible thing with something simple like objects, the worst I had to deal with was a few cold showers, but when we do this we people we end up getting ourselves into trouble. People are far too complex for us to apply these same generalizations that we use on objects. In an extreme example, it would be like meeting one woman and then expecting every woman thereafter to respond the same way the first one did. That may seem like a ridiculous example and perhaps it is, and yet we do this with people all the time in much more subtle ways. A lot of arguments start because we expect someone to respond to something like we ourselves would.

Everything that we see, touch, taste, smell or feel is run through our own unique set of filters and we apply our own meaning to it. We can never see the world as it is, but we see it as we are. Our meanings are generated from within. We project our perceptions upon everything. Knowing this, understanding this, you can now see that we all construct our realities based on our own internal filters and that no two peoples will be alike. What does this do to your perception of your reality? We cannot ever fully understand where another person is coming from; we would have had to be them in order for that to happen. What we can do is accept that each of us has our own models of the world. No one persons' model is more right or more wrong than the next it is simply what each of us has constructed to help us navigate this world. And these models are entirely dependent on what we are paying attention to. Think about it, if we’re only paying conscious attention to less than 1% of what is going on at any given moment and that is what we are basing our realities on, then how real is real? How true are your truths? What if you had looked in a different direction? If you don’t like the reality that you’ve currently living in then it may be time to start paying attention to something else. What are you focusing on? Your problems? Start focusing on the solutions and create the reality you want.

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Courtney Albert is a master level practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™, and Hypnosis. She received her masters in psychology where she focused her studies on the conscious and unconscious brain and ways to achieve congruence between the two. She has made linguistics; the mind/body connection and the human brain her passion. Courtney does both personal and business coaching using NLP, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnosis. She is a successful sales trainer and has taught seminars helping sales teams become more persuasive communicators. In her seminars you will raise your skills as communicators to an advanced level allowing your business to achieve professional and personal results beyond your previous expectations. The principles of NLP are so powerful and yet so simple and easy to learn. These are skills that once learned will continue to bring you unprecedented success. NLP will give your staff powerful tools for understanding and influencing people. They will walk away with a set of skills and techniques that will empower their principles and attitudes. This will offer you and your employee’s unlimited potential for excellence in all aspects of your business and personal lives. Visit for more information.

She is also a successful personal coach. She can help you create a crystal clear vision for ‘ultimate success’ so that you know exactly what you want, where you're headed, and what you need to do to make it happen.

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