Intuition is basically information about what is going to happen, which has nothing to do with what you want to happen in your life or at the moment. What blocks you from hearing the voice of perfect intuition is your ego and your desires. If you are trying to hear your intuition, but you have a desire for things to go a certain way, then you will never know if the thoughts in your head are from pure intuition or your own wishful thinking.

Some people call it intuition, others, the Voice of God, the Soul, the Inner Self, Higher Self, it matters not what you call it, the point is there is something smarter than your ego personality and we all have the potential to hear that voice, yet so few ever do. This article is meant to explain why that is and how to gain the clarity you may desire.

Things will not always happen the way you want them to happen. Most people think they are trying to get an intuition about what will happen but in fact are just putting their thoughts out about what they want to happen.

This is why by having a desire, you will mistake your ego for intuition, and of course things turn out other than how you thought would happen. Then you will not trust your intuition in the future. The problem is that the thought you deemed to be an intuition was really just wishful thinking for what you want.

In order to have perfect intuition you must master your ego and remove personal desires. Similarly we must first master our ego and overcome all selfishness and desires to achieve spiritual progress.Only then will your intuition be reliable, because it will be objective rather than refuse or resist what you hear because it is not what you want to happen for your own personal gain.

Equally dangerous is that your ego can come up with a thought to serve itself, and make you think that it was an intuition, the voice of God telling you what to do. This is the way many people justify their actions by claiming they had a ‘gut feeling’ about what they should do and cannot understand what went wrong.

The requirement of selflessness is also a type of protection for the masses. If your ego is not mastered but you still get accurate intuition to know what will happen, then your success could potentially be used for evil and selfish gains at the expense of innocent people.

For example, you can manipulate people very easily if you show that you have great foresight and foreknowledge which will impress them and they may consider you a great enlightened being and so will follow you blindly. The temptation will become too great and you may lead them down a destructive path, or into giving you all their money, or into your bed.

This would be a very destructive path for anyone that followed you and would serveonly your own personal gain. Hence, perfect intuition is almost impossible to master without the prerequisite of mastering your ego and overcoming self-centered interests.

The path of Karma yoga, work for the sake of work, as well as many other teachings; the Bhagavad Gita, Sufi, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam (which by the way means; submit to the will of God), all teach that the path to God is through devotion but most importantly, and even as the only way to show true devotion, to relinquish the fruit of all actions.

Serve God for God’s sake.

What in the world could God need me to do that He could not do Himself? It has nothing to do with God. It is a teaching that tells you to do whatever you do for others, not you.

When you get to the pure state of working for the sake of doing what needs to be done without any thought of your personal gain and what you get out of it, then your ego will be tamed and if you get a perfect vision of future events, you would have mastered your ego so that you will not use the information for your benefit at the expense of others, and that success will not corrupt you allowing you to manipulate other people and thus corrupt them.

Therefore in order to protect the world and humanity, the requirement for pure intuition is a selfless, mastered ego. Unfortunately, and I do not know how that happens, some people get the power without mastering the ego. They are people like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Wall Street bankers and oil traders to name a few.

When you have reached the point of purifying your ego such that you are willing to work your whole life, and give it all away, or even come to the point that you would sacrifice your life for the sake of another person without the slightest thought, then you will have perfect intuition, and with it, the wisdom of knowing when to use the knowledge you have.

It does happen that you know what events will transpire, but the correct action is to do nothing and let destiny unfold as it has planned. If you have not mastered your ego and think you know best, you may just go and muck up a long term plan because you think this one step should be different. Only a truly humble person should be entrusted with great knowledge. This is another teaching that is common to all mystical and spiritual paths, be humble.

This may disappoint you by effectively saying you will never have perfect intuition, but consider this; is it not better that you live this life according to the laws of the universe set up to protect humanity rather than have millions of Hitlers and commercial bankers running the world because it became too easy to get the power.

Accept the law and work towards your own perfection and maybe, little by little, you will learn how to accept life as it unfolds rather than demand it to be the way you want it to be, no matter who it hurts.

And for those of you who say that you really want whatever it is for the sake of helping others, I say you are not being fully honest with yourself. Trust me, I know first hand how good we humans are at self-lying after objectively observing myself and others for many years.

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David is The Entrepreneur Monk, a rag to riches story by understanding the mind and emotions.
Retiring at 29, he resolved the riddle of why we do what is bad for us yet do not do what we know is beneficial and teaches that very effectively.
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