Restaurant owners always want a distinguished look for their restaurants in order to attract customers. So, they plan to go for the best option for their restaurant furniture. However, there are some specific types of furniture for specific kind of restaurant. No matter how beautiful a chair or a table a restaurant owner picks, it has to match the type of restaurant. So, let’s have a look at the specifications.

  • Buffets:

The interior décor of a buffet restaurant varies in a wide range. No matter if the buffet is simple or luxurious, the restaurant chairs or tables chosen for the buffet should be quite durable. You should be able to clean the furniture easily. So, laminate style table and metal or wooden chairs could make a wise choice.

  • Bistros:

Generally, bistros have a casual ambiance. So, the furniture should be able to create intimate set-up. Round top tables with simple bases and padded chairs with simple design should be the best choice for these bistros. While these give the customers a sense of relaxed and intimate ambiance, these are quite comfortable as well.


  • Cafes:

Along with coffee, cafés also serve small food items like pastries, patties etc. Small and intimate tables with round or square top make the best cafe tables. The chair should be quite comfortable as many people sit at a café for hours and work on their laptops or read a book. It is also important that the chairs have impressive and innovative designs like a coffee cup to impress the youngsters.


  • Food Courts

Food courts are mostly located at high traffic indoor areas such as a shopping mall or an airport. So, you don’t need to be strictly specific about the furniture at a food court. Clean furniture and bright colors are said to be excellent choices for food courts. As the customer turn up rate is quite high, the furniture should be easy to clean and maintain. So, colorful laminated tables with plastic or metal chairs are the ideal pick for a food court.


  • Brasseries

A brasserie is a small restaurant with an upscale décor. Tables with elegant wooden tops and designer bentwood chairs will be the ideal choice for a brasserie. Brasseries are all about elegance. So, it is important to choose furniture which can live up to that elegance.


  • Brewpubs

Brewpubs are high-quality restaurants where you can find expensive and good quality food. They also brew beer on their premises. Wooden restaurant tables do really good for such high-quality brewpubs. These wooden tables should be paired up with stunningly designed bentwood chairs. Classy looking resin tables are also a great pick for these brewpubs.


These are some popular kinds of restaurants, which use specific kinds of tables and chairs for their interior decoration. No matter what kind of restaurant you own, you must use beautiful yet sturdy furniture. Choose the restaurant furniture that is made up of materials which you can clean easily. Remember that your selection of furniture for your restaurant can influence the customer traffic indirectly.

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