Kids have a special character in them which allow them to grasp different languages easily. Children are always known as great learners, excellent in communication and have a great ability to easily solve things. Most of us tend to push our kids to school right from the childhood to tuition classes especially when it comes to subjects like English. Why not stop it, here are some simple ideas which can help your kid to learn English faster sitting at home itself.

• Kids have strong IQ level however cannot sit at one place and learn things. To keep your kinds strong in English when it comes to poems, lessons and activities try to include action, hearing, seeing and touch rather than just talking. Try to introduce variety in teaching the subject which will give an interest for the kid to learn.

• Small kids always like to learn things with the help of objects and ideas. When you teach grammar just talking or getting it solved will not help your kid in understanding it in the best ways. Try to make use of household objects to teach vocabulary and try to use common phrases which we use during regular conversation.

• Try to teach English for Kids with games as playing is the best way of learning. Try to give them roles like teacher, tourists, doctor this will help them in understanding their skills and also allow them to relate different things in English in the best ways.

• Children do not get scared if they pronounce any kind of word in the wrong manner like we do. We always tend to get embarrassed if we pronounce a word wrongly or make mistake while taking in public but a child wont. So it’s your duty to correct him or her if at all they tend to make mistakes while talking.

• Try to talk to your kid in English rather than always talking in your native language. This will give fluency to the child. This will also bring in the confidence in the child to talk in English publicly.

• Try to get best English books, movies, videos and various other activities for the kid. This will allow the child to understand things in the best ways and also give them an expose to the English world.

• Keep it a habit of giving question banks to your child which has various level of questions starting from simple ones to toughest. This will give you an idea on where is your child lacking behind and accordingly you can guide him or her to get it corrected.

• Try to give a lot of exposure to your kid by taking them to English lectures for kids this will surely allow them to ask a lot of questions. This will enable you to give them the best knowledge on English.

• We all tend to shout at our kids as soon as they make any mistake but try to teach them in the right manner so that they get an interest to learn new things in English.

So these are some of the simple trips to teach English for Kids in the best ways without pushing them to classes.

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Misty Verma lives in Pune and work full time as a freelance writer and editor. She has a number of websites and work for various clients in print and on the web. She is passionate about kids education, especially Activities For Kids and Math Questions.