Your toddler may be ready for toilet training if he or she shows particular interest on the potty or perhaps your toddler points to the bathroom each time there is a need to. Your toddler seems to understand what the toilet is for when you talk about it. These are some of the early signs that your toddler can be taught about toilet manners.

You can take your toddler with you when you go to the bathroom. Just make sure to make it a comfortable place for your toddler. You can gradually permit your toddler see what happens in the toilet. Let him try the flush. Let your toddler know that urine and bowel movements are done in the bathroom.

It could help if you put a potty chair in your toddler’s play area prior to toilet training. You can also put one in his bedroom. This is a good way to familiarize your toddler with the potty. Teach your toddler to become accustomed to the potty by letting him touch and sit on the potty.

Teach your toddler to properly sit on the potty. Let him know that the potty is his own chair similar to a regular chair at home. You can let your toddler sit anytime that he wants to with his clothes on. Don’t compel your toddler to sit still on the potty if he does not want to.

When your toddler has gotten used to sitting on the potty, let him sit without his pants or diapers on. Teach your toddler how to get used to sitting down without his diaper. Guide your toddler how to make his urine and bowel movement on the potty. Make sure he feels comfortable while sitting down on his potty.

Now that your toddler understands how the potty chair is utilized, get one of his diapers with some stool in it and put some into the potty chair. Then go to the toilet tagging your toddler along. Permit your toddler to see the passing on of the stool from the potty chair to the toilet. Let your toddler do the flushing and let him observe how the stool is flushed down the toilet bowl.

These procedures could be a routine that you have to do with your toddler so that he would slowly understand in his own level regarding the use of the potty chair and the toilet. If your toddler keeps up with this routine for some time, then it is time for the next level of toilet training.

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