How can you know that the most precious souvenirs ever created – your wedding photos – will capture the perfection of all that hard work?

Well, if you’ve commissioned custom made wedding dresses, you'll have fewer things to worry about. Here are four reasons why.

1. Perfect Fit
By perfect, we mean perfectly fitting and sublimely comfortable - something that looks just as great while you’re sitting down, dancing or standing still at the altar. This means making sure the gown you choose is made to your exact measurements and allows for movement - custom made wedding dresses are really the only way to ensure this.
With the multiple fittings required, there's no chance of getting stuck with an itchy or ill-fitting bodice or tight sleeves on your big day. And the more comfortable you are in your dress, the brighter your smile will be and the better you'll look in those all-important photos! (Tip: make sure your fittings incorporate the movements you’ll be making on the day, like sitting, bending and dancing.)

2. Perfect Lines
Nothing spoils a bride’ s look more than strange bumps and bulges where none should be, but with custom made dresses that won’t be a problem( even a mermaid wedding dresses or sheath wedding dresses). A perfectly fitting gown doesn't just make you look streamlined where you need it; the painstaking work ensures there is no bunching or bulging as you might get in an off-the-rack dress. Designers may also be able to help with the best accessories to hold your must-haves (lipstick, compact etc.) so you won’t need to ask your groom to put them in his pockets – which can ruin his appearance in the photos.

3. Perfect Colors
Not everyone looks good in stark white; some women look better in bone, some in ivory, and some in ecru. A bespoke gown created by an experienced designer with an eye for colour will ensure you get the right kind of white, as well as accent hues that enhance your complexion. What’s more, with the right fabric, problem lighting (such as fluorescents and lasers) becomes less of an issue for your photographer, and a good designer knows this.

4. No wardrobe malfunctions.
What could be worse than bulges and scrunched up fabric in your wedding photos? A bona fide wardrobe malfunction! With custom made wedding dresses, sprung hooks, exploding zippers and other embarrassing accidents will have the best chance of being avoided.

The key to the best wedding photos is making sure you’re wearing a gown that makes you feel both comfortable and beautiful. Once you’ve ensured you have the dress of your dreams, the only other advice to ensure picture perfect wedding photos is to get a good night’s sleep, drink plenty of water the night before, and trust the rest to your photographer.

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How can you know that the most precious souvenirs ever created – your wedding photos – will capture the perfection of all that hard work?