Wedding is the most important day of our life, and may be that is why it is called day of Bride and Groom. If you are getting married some time in future or if you have been married recently you would be knowing how anxious one gets when the wedding day comes closer. Wedding in India though has become more modern with the time, but it still has not lost its grandness. Marriages are still big and in fact are getting bigger with time. Indian Wedding which was earlier supposed to be as big as 400 people now hosts on an average 1000 people each wedding. Not only the size of Indian weddings has increased, but a lot has changed with time. Today we will discuss what has changed in The Great Indian Wedding.

As many refer it as The Great Indian Wedding, it is much greater than before. As we all know with the increase in wealth of Indian middle class family they are willing to spend more on the wedding now. Earlier when the Wedding was kept to the close friends and neighbor as their was lack of facility to travel and communicate many guest would not turn up and thus Indian Wedding were not that big, but now as we have faster mode of communication and transportation we can have seen a huge amount of growth in the wedding guest. The wedding these days can host around 1000 guest and that is just the average. Not only the size of the Indian marriages has changed with time but the Quality has changed a lot too. Earlier Indian marriages lacked the variety and themes, and most of the marriages were occurred in the same traditional way. Youngsters these days want something different in their marriage and but do not want to change the tradition and customer that their families follow, thus they go for different themes that they thing is best for them. You can get help of the wedding planner as well for the selection of the correct theme that would go well with your budget. As the cricket fever is all over the place and Indian and England are locking horn in the One day series so picking Cricket is not a bad idea. These themes also reflect your passion. Many also opt for the beach marriages where you can get the sun set view while you get married with your soul mate.

Thus to conclude with I would suggest you to go for the professional help as they will let you know what can be the best theme for your marriage. Thus wishing you all the best for your marriage have a wonderful life ahead.

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