What Is Perineal Pain?
What is the perineum, and what is perineal pain? And, is it serious? Those are the questions that have likely been swirling in your head since you first started reading this article. The “what” is pretty simple: The perineum is the small patch of skin between the anus and genitals (vulva for women, scrotum for men). Perineal pain is pain concentrated in that area. The pain can occur in varying degrees. Unfortunately, perineal pain also has a number of different causes.

What Are the Causes of Perineal Pain?
The causes of perineal pain are pretty varied, but they fall into a few different categories. General causes, gynecologic causes, and abdominal causes.

1. General causes

Duct obstruction, entrapment of pudendal nerve, abscess, prostatitis, perineural cyst, ischiorectal abscess, benign prostatic hypertrophy, and prostatitis

2. Gynecologic causes

Ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammatory disease, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, ovarian torsion, and ectopic pregnancy

3. Abdominal causes

Colitis, appendicitis, and proctitis

As you can see, each category has many different causes. Some of these causes aren’t incredibly serious, and others need immediate attention. With all of these different causes of perineal pain, there also comes a large variety of symptoms.

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