There are certain things that time has no power over. One of those things is a tandoor. It was centuries ago when the first clay oven was invented somewhere on the East side of the world. Since then, the tandoor has proved to be a great way to cook some delicious delicacies in different parts of the world.

A tandoor is just a cylindrical oven made up of either clay or masonry. It consists of an in-house heating source and thick and highly insulated walls. Moreover, there is a big hole at the top of the tandoor which lets you place the food item inside for cooking. It is mainly used to prepare tandoor recipes but also various types of bread and chapattis. Tandoors are used mostly throughout the Middle East, India, Pakistan, some parts of Central Asia and are strongly getting popular in the western part of the globe as well. Tandoors come in different sizes depending on the requirement of the user. Some are large and permanent ones which are placed in an outdoor area or kitchen, while some are smaller in size and portable that can be carried around from one place to another easily.

Why are tandoors so famous throughout the world?

People from all over the world have a reserved love for exotic dishes, and the cuisines that are cooked in tandoors tend to provide an exclusive taste to the dish. Yes, you have the advantage of cooking all sorts of food in a gas stove, electric stove, and microwave, but the limited amount of food that is cooked in tandoors are much exclusive and tastier as compared to cuisines prepared in the mentioned cooking appliances. Hence, buying tandoors for sale can offer you benefits that other cooking appliances can’t.

Apart from adding a little more of exclusiveness and smokiness to the overall taste of the dish, there are numerous other benefits of preparing a meal in a tandoor. Some of the benefits of cooking a cuisine in such an oven are mentioned below.
• Food prepared in a tandoor tends to retain the natural taste and real flavour of the cuisine:
Nowadays, almost everything can be cooked in a microwave or gas stove and there are not many people who know that the natural essence and fragrance, as well as the real flavour of the food, tends to get evaporated and the real taste of the food lost and disappeared. On the other hand, when it comes to the dishes which are prepared in tandoors, they seem to maintain and retain the real aroma and taste of the ingredients as the food is cooked in its own natural juice only.
• Low-calorie food:
One of the most advantageous aspects of cooking your food in a tandoor is that you don’t need to add any kind of oil or butter to prepare your meal as the food gets cooked with the help of its own natural juice. This signifies that you can eat your favourite dishes without having to worry much about extra calories.
Keeping in mind these couple out of so many more benefits of cooking in tandoors, it is recommended that you buy tandoors for sale if you want to enjoy your meal to the fullest.

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