Knowing a foreign language apart from your native tongue has certain advantages. One might not be able to learn every language but the knowledge of a major world language can always be beneficial to a person. French is one of the most spoken worldwide languages.

With a total number of 130 million speakers of French, one can certainly agree to the fact that knowing this European language can have certain perks such as:

• Worldwide Usage Language

French is a global language much akin to the English language. It is one of the language apart from English which is spoken in at least 5 continents. Apart from the official language of the Europe, it is also spoken in regions such as North and South America, French Polynesia, Asia, Africa.

So knowing French can help you wade your way through the foreign lands

• Wide Career Opportunities

With the world becoming locally global, one requires knowledge of French language and in today’s world we would still find a lot of people not knowing the language. Their disadvantage can work into your advantage. One can always play the role of translator and help out such people to get through their meetings and conversations with ease.

You can also join a company providing Professional Native French translation services and help out by translating documents or reports as per the requirements.

• Addition to Professional Experience

Knowing French can be quite advantageous as a lot of companies have French subsidiaries and vice versa. Such top most companies have the mandatory requirement of knowledge of French for their high post jobs due to their frequent communication with their French counter parts.

Knowledge of French language can be a plus point on your resume and can also serve as stairs for moving up the professional lifeline

• Your Base for Learning Other Languages

Knowing French language can help you learn numerous languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian since the majority of these languages are derived from French.

• Your Language for Higher Education

Knowing French can open doors for study opportunities at renowned French universities and business schools which rank top among the various higher education institutions in the world. Students with a fluent grasp on the language can also apply for French government grants to enroll in postgraduate courses or discipline of their choice.

• A Brain Growth Medicine

According to some studies conducted, it has been concluded that learning a second language can also help in the mental growth of your brain. It develops your problem solving skills, abstract reasoning and many more intellectual activities of your brain.

• Great Profession of Teaching

One can always share their knowledge of French language and help others to learn this global language. One can either teach through schools or online whichever method suits them. It can be a great source of earning income as well as opportunity to increase the knowledge of others.

Multinational companies also recruit teachers who can help their employees to converse with their foreign counterparts. Their need becomes your source of gain.

• Added Advantage in Establishing Rapport

It has noted that during business transaction between multinational companies of different native language, face awkwardness while communicating. Knowing French language for such instances can be quite beneficial as communicating with one in their native language can help in building good will of yours as well as the company.

Hence, the above given pointers throw light on the various perks a person can have in by learning French language. It does not only help yoy academically or professionally but also on a personal level too.

So learn French today and earn the perks of knowing a global language.

Author's Bio: 

Shruti Mahour is an experienced and professional writer at top translation company known as TridIndia. I have almost 7 years of experience in professional native French translation services industry and unfolding the translation tips, strategies, trends and advice to help or guide entrepreneur, translators and translation companies.