In the world of technology, importance of pen and paper cannot be denied. Writing on paper with pen is an art of connecting with your family, friends and even with yourself. There are a number of things that you write with pen and paper like writing dairy, cards, reminders and notes.

Not being able to write something just because you don’t have a pen or a paper, is one of the most frustrating things. Therefore, one should always carry pen and a notepad with himself. It seems ridiculous to carry your laptop everywhere.

Writing with paper and a pen makes you feel connected with your written words. Using journal helps you to boost up your moods, reduces stress and improves your memory. Besides having all these advantages of journaling, it helps you to:

• Reminds Your Goals
Writing a journal helps you to remind your goals. It brings you closer to your achievements. Knowing what you have achieved and what you are going to get makes you successful and a determined person.

• Improves your Brain Storming Skills
There is a special connection between your brain and your every single body function. You might have noticed that when you write your brain automatically assemble all related thoughts. Writing increases your brain’s functionality of creating good and innovative ideas.

• Adds Clarity to your Vision
Memorizing something just by reading it one time seems difficult. For example, you cannot learn a mathematical problem just by looking at its solution but when you write it, it becomes easier to understand it. Writing clears your vision about a certain thing. It improves the way you perceive the written information and makes you absorb it quickly.

• Makes you more Creative
Journaling makes you a good and creative writer. Writing on daily basis reduces your mistakes, improves your hand writing quality and above all, it makes you write about the same subject in a different manner.

• Maintains your Privacy
Technology has made our lives easier than ever but it has taken away all our privacy and security. Certain techniques are used to hack computers, mobiles and software. Breaching someone’s privacy is one of the most unethical activities but people do it either to harm others or for their own benefits. Journaling is a safe activity that is far away from security and privacy issues. Carrying your journal with you eliminates the risk of your data being breached.

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Agha works with Arts institutions he has an years of experience in writing art and typography , He write blogs for his students in separate time, He lives in Dubai with his family.