To get a permanent residency or permanent residence card or full citizenship, one must have to assure all the required documents that are required for permanent residency. The amount of income generally varies from region to region but you still have at least €1 million or €2 million if you want to apply for residency in European countries.  We will discuss USA permanent residency, Canadian Permanent Residency, European Permanent Residency, and UK permanent residency in this article.

USA Permanent Residency (Permanent Residence USA)

USA PR is also known as “Green Card” and is definitely of high value as America is doing great researches and building its economy day by day. 

Eligibility criteria to become a US Permanent Residence

  • You can be considered eligible through any of these:
  • Through any family member residing in the USA already
  • Through employment by your company
  • Through special immigrant
  • Through a Good university degree
  • Through refugee or asylee status
  • Being a victim of human trafficking and crime
  • Being a victim of abuse
  • Through registry
  • Through other categories

How to file:

If you are eligible, file a form I-485, and then USCIS will review your application and if allowed you can enjoy that Green card for 10 years.

Canadian Permanent Residency (Permanent Residence Card Canada)

Eligibility criteria for Canadian Permanent Residency include


  • A sponsor relative who is already a Canada permanent residence


  • Age: You must be in between 18-25 years if you want to earn a permanent residence but people of age 45 can also get permanent residency.
  • A good degree of education: Masters or Ph.D. education is preferred for Canadian residency. Also, you have to provide a document of any institution that approved your degree
  • Work experience: You will be preferred if you have a work experience of three years and people with work experience more than 6 years are highly appreciated.
  • Language proficiency: You should pass the IELTS exam and this language test can be done through any recognized institute

How to file:

Once you are considered eligible, you can apply through Express entry and provide them all the required documents and once you are approved you can go there. Permanent residence card renewal should be done as soon as possible if expired.

United Kingdom Permanent Residency (Permanent Residence UK)

Your permanent residency will be canceled if you live two years outside the United Kingdom. 

Eligibility criteria for the United Kingdom Permanent Residency include

  • Partner Visa: You have lived for two years, five years, or ten years in the UK. Your current visa should be in the partner category and you must be married to your British partner or in a subsisting relationship though not married. And you are also living together assured by joint account, and other official documents.
  • Proof of finance: You must be earning £18,600 if do not have children, if you have one child then you must be earning £22,400 and £2,400 extra for each child.
  • Test: To get a Permanent Residency you have to pass the “Life in UK” test.

How to file:

You can either apply online at or download the form EEA(PR) to get you permanent residence visa.

European Residency (Permanent Residence Europe)

Eligibility criteria for European Residency include

  • Bank Balance: It is very easy to get permanent residency in European countries like Italy, Malta, Belgium, Switzerland, etc and each of them allows you if you have at least €2 million to €5 million property or bank balance.
  • Employment: If you are an employee in any of the countries of Europe, you can easily apply for permanent residency.

How to file:

You can apply via once you are considered eligible to become a lawful permanent residence.  Also you can renew permanent residence card. 

Whatsapp: +1(254) 300-1482


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