The major focus here is “List Building Automation”. This is going to be a great system for those who really want to build solid online business. On the other hand, if you love taking chances, you may not benefit from this system.
As you explore this overview on List Building Automation system, it is up to you to decide whether or not the system is for you.

Permission-Based Email Marketing

This overview was curled from a video system created by Matt Callen. Going by the content of the video, one would conclude that the entire thing should have been called “Business Building Automation” since it is all encompassing, rather than focusing just on “List Building”.

The opening video started with Matt comparing two business models; both business models generating income online, paid advertising as well as list building. He made huge success at first through the paid ad business model; however, later on, the business almost crashed because the model’s reliance on particular services provision by a third party was not sustainable.

Here’s Matt’s comment:

“When the third party you are relying on changes course suddenly, you are left with no option but to change your own course suddenly in order to survive”.

This business owner has shown that he has what it takes to make nearly any system profitable; however, by revealing his own overwhelming near-failure via the initial model, he was compelled to embark on more broad-based system, which is also robust.

This business man is Matt: now, with his experience, the second model that proved more effective is the subject of this series – the model’s driving force is a solid list.

Building a Solid List

Matt explains that, building a solid list is the sole way to achieve reliable income stream. It is also the best way to build an asset whose growth would not be obstructed by changes that take place within.

It appears that the big players such as Google and Facebook are likely to change. The outcome will impact the way you generate your list. However, if you have a strong list of customers, you will not be affected while trying to acclimatize to the changes in pricing structure. Prominently, the list building techniques can be broad and it is possible to have your lead gathering spread across a good number of systems – including certain internal systems for lead gathering. Consequently, no changes made by these big players will affect your list growing on the web.

Through experience, Matt has realized that several systems for generating online income can bring in quick bucks. However, this is not sufficient – Matt believes that it makes no sense if such system can cause your source of income to vanish suddenly, it’s simply a poor and devastating system of running a business. This is because it is difficult for you to envisage that the source can suddenly vanish since you made it so fast. At last, when the reality of the crash comes staring you on the face, it will all feel like being left with a hangover. The worst is that the entire business will be created from the scratch, making so much effort to discover the next online hit. The truth is that this one will also dry up eventually – so, do you really want to be operating in such a manner and for how long?

The entire focus of Business Building Automation is to build up and protect a strong list of clients who will ultimately become loyal to your business.

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