You have always made it a habit to put things off until the last minute. In the past, this mode of operation allowed you to scrape by with just enough time to meet deadlines. As life has become more demanding, you are finding that this approach is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. You are a procrastinator; fortunately, you do not have to remain one. With these six time management skills, you will find it easier to stay focused on the tasks that need to get done.

Adopting a Schedule

Whether you prefer to write yourself a to-do list or store the data in your smartphone, getting in the habit of outlining your daily schedule of tasks is the first step to taking control of the time available in your daily routine.

Prioritize the Items on Your List

Your to-do list has many items on it, but effective time management involves prioritizing these items for efficient, timely execution. The better you arrange these items, to make them easier to address and get out of the way, the easier it is to take control of your time throughout the day.

Switching Modes

Instead of telling yourself that you will eventually get around to getting tasks done, you could try starting them early. This is totally opposite your normal routine, but sometimes radical switching of your mode of operation is key to improving your timely performance.

Using Alerts to Remind You

Another great way to take command of the available time in your life is to use mobile apps that provide regularly scheduled alerts as reminders that deadlines are approaching. By reminding yourself that tasks must be completed with such alerts, you will start to better motivate yourself to be a more effective doer.

Rate Your Own Performance

To gain a sense of how well you are taking advantage of your time to complete tasks, it will help to actively rate your timely performance. Seeing results, both good and bad, will help you gauge a realistic idea of whether or not you are living up to your optimal time management potential.

Where Education Helps

One way to get motivated to grab control of your time management skills is by setting educational goals and pushing yourself to complete what you start. A master in public administration, for example, could provide you with the time management skills that will transition well into both government and private sector employment opportunities.

To many, time is an elusive enemy. As it slips through their fingers, they find that they struggle to get the things they need to accomplish finished before time runs out on them. With a few time management strategies, all that can change. Taking control of the time in your day will make you more productive.

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