To me, recreating yourself means having preserved over a certain circumstance or many circumstances. For an example, let’s take the roles of survivor’s versus victims. The survivor has persevered over the circumstance and their whole outlook on everything has changed. This can be for any type of survivor in any type of situation from mental to physical.
When you persevere over a circumstance, you become enlightened about it and rise above it. A new door has just been opened for you to experience new discoveries and to understand new meanings. You can persevere over something small or something huge, it doesn’t matter. It just means that you looked closely to the real meaning and the lesson that had to be learned from it.

Sometimes life throws the same circumstance at you continuously. And it leaves you dumbfounded. Why does this keep happening? When you should be asking yourself, ok, what is the lesson that I need to learn from it? How can I get past this so that I can move on to the next level? The answer is simple, take your time and find out what the lesson is that you need to learn from it. Look at the situation from every standpoint; mental, physical, financial, and the weight your options and outcomes, there is an answer there for you to see. For an example, maybe you should be giving instead of taking, or vice versa. Maybe you should be more open about a certain subject matter, and so on. The lesson is not a negative thing at all; it’s the opposite, a very positive thing. It opens up that door for you and brings about change. Once you figure it out you will persevere over the situation and you have become enlightened to it.

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