Walk Easy Alarm Deterrents Carrying a personal alarm is a convenient way to immediately improve your personal safety and you’ll feel a whole lot safer too. Although these alarms are loud, typically an ear piercing 130dB+ high pitched sound that will attract the attention of nearby public or Police, what if no-one is in earshot?

Contrary to what you might think, personal safety devices are designed to scare off the attacker before an attack or disorientate your attacker so you can use precious seconds to react and get away. Whilst intervention from the public or Police would be ideal it’s probably in most cases not the reality of where an attack is likely to take place i.e. in public.

In addition to 130 decibels of ear piercing high pitched sound there’s been developments in personal alarms sprays which are designed to disorientate your attacker even further. You can add a foul dye with the REPELL Attack Deterrent or choose to add a red dye with the RED ALERT.

Getting away from your attacker is obviously your primary concern but what next. It’s likely in the split second that you disorientated your attacker and escaped, you’ll understandable remember little about your attacker. That is unless your spray includes a UV marker or DNA marker like the DNA Alarm. Now Police can investigate known suspects and check if they were at the scene.

Whatever you choose it’s important you that you’re comfortable with your device and carry it with you - whether it’s the convenience of a key ring alarm or the comprehensive protection of a personal alarm spray. Perhaps you work alone or run and need a personal security device while you exercise - here's some useful tips on selfgrowth.com. Your personal safety is paramount so be vigilant and aware of your surroundings but if you have to use your alarm, use it and get vital seconds to make your escape.

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Walk Easy's first personal alarm, the WE900 Aerosol Alarm was first produced in 1985.The company pride themselves on reaching out to continually improve their products and test to the highest standards. Walk Easy known as https://www.wealarms.co.uk online is a UK manufacturer of personal security devices and has received the Best Buy award from 'Which?' The UK Consumers Association. In 30 years Walk Easy personal alarms have always aimed to offer quality produced and British engineered products. All products are made and tested in accordance with British Standards Institution PAS 020:1997.