Extraordinary achievers from all walks of life have been simply ordinary people. They are those people who have pushed their thresholds several times and created legendary status. Their success stories inspire thousands and touch millions of hearts across the globe.

As we begin with penning down these extraordinary journeys of Personalities, what you will experience is a set of inspirational stories of Celebrities that the world looks upon. One such name that we can learn immensely from is Shri Amitabh Bachchan.

More than a film star, he is an icon, a personality that speaks volumes on Personal Branding. He is a perfect example of an ordinary, struggling professional to a dignified and refined personality icon.

The role of the Angry young man is an adage that he has effortlessly adorned for years together. These words are etched in my mind - Naam toh suna hi hoga, rishte mae toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai, naam hai Shahenshah! The moment we hear these dialogues, without even thinking for a second we know of whom we are talking about.

Yes, we are talking about none other than Shri. Amitabh Bachchan – an Indian film actor, a star and a living legend for the three eras Kal-Aaj aur Kal - who has been in the Indian film industry for the last 50 years and has made and still continues to make India and the Indian Film Industry proud by his versatile acting skills. He is a star of the masses and the classes too.

Today we have so many actors (young and veteran) in the Indian Film Industry who continue to allure us with their acting skills, but at this age too, Mr. Bachchan oozes charm and chivalry, better than any other young actor. He is one of the most followed personalities (approx. 37 million followers on Twitter) on social media platforms as well. Roles are written for him and films are made keeping him in mind. Much of this credit goes to the Personal brand that he has cultivated for himself over a period of time off-screen and on-screen.

Dignity, humility, poise, and passion reflect out of his magnanimous persona. When we asked few people to state few perspectives that come to their mind when they think of what goes into the making of the brand, Amitabh Bachchan – here are some key elements of Personal branding that came to the foreground.

Let’s take a look at these distinguishing factors of Personality Development that make Sr. Bachchan feature as the personality of the month in our first newsletter edition.

1.Persistence: In the initial stages of his career, he faced a lot of rejections. All India Radio rejected his voice. This rejection from All India Radio was a blessing for Bollywood. He got his first break in the industry with Saat Hindustani in Bollywood but faced several failures before tasting success with the film, Zanjeer. He failed in business and politics too but bounced back with resilience in the film industry to command a respectable place in the hearts of all Indians.

2.Humility: With stardom at your feet, it becomes difficult for most of the actors to not let it go into their head. Big B (as Bollywood fondly calls him) on the other hand, has handled his stardom and success with great gratitude and kindness. Humility is that virtue that gets cultivated by nature and gets refined with nurture. And this personality trait brings the right potion of etiquette in behavior and courtesy in the voice which must be honed by those who want to set their impressions right.

3.Body Language and Styling: His baritone voice, effortless ease in his posture and walk, and his eyes that bore into you display powerful yet poised body language. His Clothing style has evolved over the three stages of his career, perfectly matching every occasion and appearance. His choice of solid colors, clean lines and tasteful in texture and patterns shows his ease in dressing himself. In all the Kaun Banega Crorepati episodes, you could witness his Nehru jackets and the Bandhgala neatly tailored and crafted to suit his wise nuances of his personality. At the gracious age, he gives run for the money to some of the youngest and oldest actors of all times. Undoubtedly, he is the most classy, meticulous and sophisticated public personality of all times.

This 77-year-old actor has starred in over 180 Indian films in his career span of 5 decades. So far, he has received 4 national awards for best actor and 15 Filmfare Awards. He is not only an actor but also an institution by himself.

He speaks only one language; one brand – it is Amitabh Bachchan.
Personal Branding is about understanding all the elements of enhancing your Personality and making it stand apart. It is not just about managing your visual image but transforming your inner persona in sync with the outer world. It is about taking conscious steps that derive maximum strength and power in all relationships with your inner and outer world. With such congruence with your social, professional and cultural ethos comes out the great Power of Personal Branding. This Power of Personal Branding maximizes opportunities at every milestone of your life. It allows you to face off with your negatives and the naysayers with better ease and exuberates joy and confidence in all aspects of your life – just as in the life of Shri. Amitabh Bachchan.

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